PRC volunteers provide medical aid to 1, 634 ‘Traslacion’ participants

Published January 11, 2019, 3:10 PM

by AJ Siytangco

By Jel Santos

A total of 1, 634 people were given medical help by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) during the “Traslacion” of the well-venerated image of the Black Nazarene in Manila last January 9.


PRC said 27 of the total number were brought to nearby hospitals for the “major injury” they sustained. All in all, there is a total of 62 major cases aided by PRC— severe breathing difficulty, laceration, body weakness, bruises, and suspected dislocation or fracture.

During the procession, more than 1, 000 personnel and volunteer of PRC were deployed to the 12 first aid stations set up along the route of the “Traslacion.”

“We treat all conditions seriously. Minor cases can worsen if proper actions are not taken,” Richard Gordon, PRC chairman, said.

He said that he was very satisfied with the performance of volunteers and personnel during the recently concluded procession.

“We are getting better every year. Our staff and volunteers are highly experienced, equipped, and trained. These trainings have resulted in saving the lives of devotees of the Black Nazarene,” the PRC chairman said.

This year, PRC increased its first aid stations to 12 from nine last year. The humanitarian body said it dispatched 50 ambulances along the procession path, three rescue boats, an amphibian vehicle, a firetruck, a rescue truck, a 6×6 truck and two humvees.