Pork meat, agricultural products seized in Davao airport

Published January 10, 2019, 5:54 PM

by Dhel Nazario, Jeffrey G. Damicog, and Rey G. Panaligan

By Betheena Unite

Banned pork meat products from an African Swine Flu high-risk country brought in by a passenger at the Davao International Airport were confiscated during the holiday season, the Bureau of Customs said.

The confiscated pork meat products, according to the bureau, were among the intercepted items brought by different passengers into the country in December.

Several agricultural goods and meat products such as oranges, chili, spring onions, onions, ponkan, parsley, frozen peking duck, chicken, pork, beef and processed meat were confiscated from passengers arriving from China, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

It was learned that the passengers failed to declare the goods, which were detected through x-ray scanning, customs agents said.

The meat products were confiscated due to possible Swine Flu contamination while the fruits and vegetables were held due to absence of proper Sanitary and Phytosanitary Import Clearance, which should be secured for agricultural products as proof that it will not pose harm to the public.

The items were then referred to the officers of the Bureau of Quarantine for inspection. The meat products from countries affected by the African Swine Flu will be disposed.

District Collector Atty. Romalino Valdez, meanwhile, warned the public especially the arriving passengers and importers to comply with the customs laws and regulations by obtaining clearance and proper documentation of their goods to ensure the safety and welfare of the general public.

Stricter policies against importation of pork meat and products into the country have been enforced by different government agencies to protect the country from possible entry of Swine Flu contaminated products.