Joma Sison: ‘Out of touch with reality’

Published January 2, 2019, 12:22 AM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza & Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat



Getsy Tiglao
Getsy Tiglao

As the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines passed with a nary a whimper, we are reveling in the strength and boldness of the government in facing up to this terrorist and criminal group.

Unlike mainstream media which continue to prop up the Communists, the Duterte administration has started calling out the CPP and its leader Jose Maria Sison for their criminal activities that include mass murder, extortion, destruction of properties, and destabilization of a duly-elected government.

Communist sympathizers had touted the 50th year of the CPP last month as a time when it would show that it is still relevant and that it can oust President Duterte through their armed struggle. What happened? Nothing.

There were no big rallies or organized events with “masses” attending them. Obviously they couldn’t convince enough people to join their assemblies, or they didn’t have enough funds to pay for “bayaran” (paid) attendees.

The Communists just showed how inconsequential they are, and the military should take note that this is the perfect time to totally wipe them out.

The CPP and its private army it calls the New People’s Army offered up a unilateral ceasefire, which was rightly ignored by the Philippine military. Time and again, the Communists would use the period of a ceasefire to ambush soldiers, acquire more arms, and recruit members to their dwindling force.

I am so glad the Armed Forces of the Philippines is finally showing some backbone by continuing its operations against the CPP-NPA. Those who are criticizing the military’s stance are most likely members of the Communist Party or among their sympathizers (a few of whom are members of Congress and media practitioners).

Newspaper owners and publishers (as well as television news channels) should rethink their policy of promoting the “cause” of the CPP-NPA. The unchanging goal of the Communists is to create chaos in the hope of ushering in a “revolutionary flow.” They’ve been trying this for 50 years and it’s a grand failure.

What they have been able to do is stifle growth in certain provinces considered as a NPA stronghold and where the military has been unable to mobilize a large counter-insurgency force. As a result, these provinces (including Samar and Bicol) have been unable to develop economically since the NPA there forcibly collect “revolutionary taxes” from businessmen, traders, and landowners, who are threatened with death and destruction of property if they don’t pay up.

But we expect the situation in these areas to change soon as President Duterte has already given the order to obliterate the CPP-NPA and its political fronts.

As expected, the Communist mouthpieces criticized this order of Duterte. But as Presidential Spokesman and Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo put it, “the President’s order to destroy the CPP-NPA and all its legal fronts is pursuant to his constitutional duty to protect the people.”

Indeed, the Communists and their sympathizers are quick to lambast government for alleged human rights violations but they are silent when it comes to the NPA’s killing of soldiers, policemen, local government officials, and civilians. They are also quiet when the NPA burns and destroys private and public properties, extorts money, or kidnaps children from the Lumad tribal communities.

Panelo said that it is the CPP-NPA that is violating human rights and disobeying the laws of the country.

The Communist “revolution” is a big, big failure. If not for Joma Sison’s hold on media no one really would pay attention to this pathetic man who left the country in 1987 and hasn’t returned since.

Is he still a Filipino or a Dutch citizen? If he is such a big leader why doesn’t he come here and lead his poor and hungry cadres in their rebellion? He refuses to let go of his posh, wine-drinking European lifestyle, but he has no qualms in lambasting the Philippines at every opportunity he gets.

“(Joma’s) long exile has dulled his senses, put him out of touch with reality and in a constant state of hallucination,” Panelo said.

That was very aptly put by Secretary Panelo who also noted that CPP-NPA members have been surrendering to the military in droves amid the call of the government for them to return to society and become normal citizens. The Duterte administration very smartly has offered the former Communists jobs and housing opportunities as long as they surrender their arms and follow
the law.

Will Joma ever come home and face the various criminal charges facing him, including his involvement in the Plaza Miranda bombing? A number of former high-level Communists have come out in the open saying that Sison was the mastermind of the bombing of the Liberal Party miting de avance (where former senator Benigno Aquino Jr. was suspiciously absent) in 1971, and in his grand spin blamed President Marcos for it (backed up by a complicit media).

Sison won’t come back here as he’s too scared to face the failure of his organization as well as the wrath of his former comrades who haven’t forgiven him for his order to “cleanse” the ranks, resulting in the mass murder of CPP-NPA members.

Also as a master propagandist, Joma knows that his mystique will fade once he shows up in the Philippines. He will continue fanning the air of mystery behind his persona until the end of his days, aided by a naive media that’s still enamored with this villain.