Customs chief affirms limitations of non-BOC employees’ role

By Betheena Unite

Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero affirmed to all customs officials that contract of service and job order workers should not perform functions beyond their job description in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero (BOC / MANILA BULLETIN) Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero

Through Customs Memorandum Order 30-2018, Guerrero released the rules and regulations governing contract of service and job order workers in the bureau to set limitations on the functions of the job order workers.

Contract of service, according to the bureau, is the engagement of the services of an individual, private firm, other government agency, nongovernment agency or international organization as consultant, learning service provider or technical expert to undertake special project or job within a specific period.

Job order, on the other hand, is defined by the bureau as a piece of work or emergency jobs within short duration such as clearing of debris on the roads, carpentry and plumbing.

According to the order, they “should not, in any case, be made to perform functions which are part of the job description of the agency’s existing regular employees.”

They should not also be designated to positions exercising control or supervision over regular and career employees, Guerrero said in the order.

The commissioner told all deputy commissioners, port collectors, director and other concerned officials found to violate the order may be charged before the proper administrative bodies -- Office of the Ombudsman, Office of the President, or Civil Service Commission.

Contract of service and job order workers, who perform functions that are exclusive for regular customs employees may be criminally charged for usurpation of authority.

In connection to this, in November 2018, Guerrero banned bogus employees, who are personally hired by customs officers, from entering any Customs offices.

The commissioner issued a “No Hao Siao Policy,” directing all customs employees and officials to “refrain from using the services of bogus personnel.

He said the bogus employees have been performing “essential and sensitive functions” that are mandated only for legitimate customs personnel.

It was then bared that these bogus personnel carry out tasks for a certain office or officer in the bureau without a contract or any documents of employment with the bureau.