LJ Reyes’ fun maternity shoot with Paolo Contis and her son Aki

Published December 29, 2018, 6:00 AM

by Lee C. Chipongian

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Nice Print Photography

When LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis revealed to Moms & Babies their maternity shoot plans with Nice Print Photography weeks ago, we knew it was going to be filled with lots of laughter. Charisse Tinio of Nice Print took inspiration from the couple who love goofing around, and she proposed the idea of shooting with the theme of Expectation vs. Reality. “It’s actually a gift from Charisse, the owner of Nice Print Photography, who’s a good friend of ours! She asked me to look for a peg, but when she presented her idea of Expectations vs. Reality, we loved it! We only had a few conversations online and one meeting! Haha that’s how well she knows her craft!” reveals LJ.

LJ’s son Aki joined the shoot, which took place last December 13 at The Forest Barn in Tagaytay. The two men in LJ’s life showed that there is a lot of hard work involved behind each glam shot. “We really wanted that everybody was involved. When Charisse proposed us the theme, it was so instant to Pao to include Aki with the reality part. Because in reality, it’s really how we are when we’re together. It’s really how Pao and Aki are towards me and to each other. Ang kulit! Haha… I have to give Pao credit because he really is the source of laughter. He made sure it’s a memorable day for me!” adds LJ.


When asked what their personal favorites are, LJ shares that they all had fun with the balloons, bubbles, mist and leaves. “My fave is the one with the lights, but it was more of the serious type of photo. It doesn’t belong to the expectation vs reality peg. Aki’s fave are the mist and bubbles, while Paolo’s were the mist and balloons.”