Ateneo JHS investigates ‘alleged’ bullying incident

Published December 20, 2018, 7:57 PM

by Dhel Nazario, Jeffrey G. Damicog, and Rey G. Panaligan

By MB Online

The Ateneo Junior High School on Thursday released an official statement regarding the ‘alleged’ bullying incident involving two students who figured in an altercation.

The video, showing a student provoking and taunting the victim inside a comfort room, went viral on social media.

One of the students can be seen kicking and punching the victim several times.

The video ended showing the helpless victim’s bloodied nose.

The admin described the incident as “an evident act of violence that constitutes a serious violation of disciplinary misconduct.”

The statement said the school is dealing with the matter seriously and made immediate investigation upon the report.

“We express our concern also about the risks associated with sharing the video, online and in social media groups. Not only has the privacy rights of these minors, been breached but it has also provoked some reactions that do little to help the school in dealing appropriately with the incident,” it wrote.

The school’s management also thanked the individuals for raising the matter.

“May we appeal however to the rest to help in putting a stop to the indiscriminate spreading of the video,” the statement added.

This may not be the first bullying incident that happened in the campus as old videos resurfaced online involving the same student.