Seminarian's spot-on Duterte impersonation helps get donation for chapel construction from Mayor Sara

By MB Online

For doing a very good impersonation of President Duterte, a seminarian of the Regional Major Seminary (REMASE) didn’t just win the admiration and applause of the crowd that had gathered at the Davao City hall, he also helped them get a sizeable pledge from no less that Mayor Sara Duterte herself.

untitled Screengrabbed from FB post by  Mama Mets (FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN)

In a Facebook video posted by Mama Mets, the seminarian identified merely as “Dodong” did a spot-on impersonation of the President, down to Duterte’s mannerism of almost always having a hand on his cheek while speaking.

In a six-minute video, the seminarian started by greeting the Davao mayor, at one point hesitating whether to call her Ma’am or “Day”, a Visayan term of endearment for girls and women.

“I-greet ko lang ang anak ko ‘Day good morning. Ito si Inday mabait ang batang yan.. katulad sa ama. (I would just like to greet my daughter good morning. Inday is a good girl just like her father).

After getting into character as the President, the seminarian played his role to the hilt, even asking the Davao mayor to pay homage to him with a traditional “mano”, like what a daughter would do to greet her father.

At one point, he seemed to have playfully cornered the Davao mayor to donate to the construction of their chapel in Cataluan, Davao City.

In the end, Mayor Sara Duterte gave in and pledged P 500,000 for the construction of the said chapel.