How to properly eat sauce-slathered fried chicken is a saucy problem, indeed

Published December 17, 2018, 1:57 PM


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Is it okay to eat fried chicken with just your bare hands? That’s a question as old as Southern cuisine itself. Did you know that in Gainesville, Georgia, it’s illegal to use anything but your fingers to eat fried chicken? Still, there are a lot of folks who get bothered when there are no utensils.

But in many countries across Asia (Philippines represent!), the Middle East, and Africa, people do eat with their hands.

There are situations where and when we can’t avoid touching our food. What if you were served such a dish, say sauce-slathered fried chicken? Imagine being at an important meeting or on a date. That is a saucy problem, indeed.

Inspired by “Colonel” Harland Sanders, we brushed up on Southern-style etiquette and manners and practiced the proper way of eating fried chicken, particularly KFC’s latest creation, the New York Style Fried Chicken.

1. Consent and Hygiene


Ask permission from the person you’re with, if you can eat using your bare hands. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after the meal.

2. Have napkins. Lots of it.


Prepare something to wipe with, like napkins, tissues, or a piece of cloth. Things could get out of hand — sauce will drip and food falls. That’s just gravity doing its job. Make sure you place a napkin on either your lap or chest,and have spares close by.

3. Refrain from smearing sauce on your face.


The secret to this is retracting your lips backwards. Bite with your teeth without closing your lips. This way, you get to keep your lipstick from smudging (ladies, take note) and prevent the sauce from latching on your face.

4. Just the tip.


Do not grab the food with your entire hand. You’re a civilized human being. Pick up the fried chicken using the tips of your fingers, ideally with the pointer, middle, and thumb. Handling the chicken this way avoids getting sauce everywhere.

5. The right portions.


Take modest bites. You can break off bite-sized pieces of the chicken instead of bringing the whole thing to your mouth. There’s an immediate burning kick to the fried chicken that becomes milder with each mouthful. A sudden huge chunk, especially one so full-flavored, isn’t advisable.


Following these tips won’t guarantee that you come out unscathed. Fried chicken is inherently a finger food, so making noise and getting sauce everywhere is part of the experience.

Try to ease up on looking proper and embrace the greasy and messy sauce-slathered fried chicken in all its glory. Besides, it’s finger lickin’ good.

Enjoy the KFC New York Style Fried Chicken, Hot & Crispy Chicken coated in spicy buffalo sauce, paired with a creamy yogurt dip and served with rice and soup. Available in all KFC stores nationwide at a starting price of P120.