Rock On At Home

Published December 15, 2018, 6:36 PM

by Madelaine B. Miraflor

By Pauline Faye V. Tria

Before, when you wanted to listen to live music, you had to be there. Now, because of social media, we can rock out to our favorite music right within the four corners of our bedroom.

Through the years, social media has played a major part in our daily lives. Whether it’s catching up on the news, connecting with loved ones, or searching your favorite trending topics, social media has proven its influence on us.

Social media has also enabled us to enjoy things in a whole new level, letting us experience things differently. With the emergence of the new technology, we can listen to music anytime, anywhere.

Now, aspiring musicians can show off their talents at Manila Bulletin’s acoustic live band segment MBLife Live via Facebook live every Friday at 7 p.m.

For Jacs Sampayan, editor at MBLife and Overseas Filipino, social media has played a huge part in the success of MB Life Live.

FESTIVE FRIDAYS  Every Friday, The Manila Bulletin becomes a home for OPM
FESTIVE FRIDAYS Every Friday, The Manila Bulletin becomes a home for OPM

“Social media is a big factor in its success. We stream the performances live on Facebook. And this allows our readership and followers to join in on the fun without actually having to make the trip to Intramuros,” Jacs says.

He adds that social media is a great channel for viewers to recommend their favorite bands.

Viewers, via social media, can now get their socks knocked off as their favorite bands perform their tunes at MBLife Live, formerly known as MB’s Acoustic Fridays.

Sampayan said MBLife Live is a great way for people to discover and appreciate new local artists.

“It provides an avenue for artists to interact with an audience and [to] hone their skills in the process, and to give our readership an idea of the vast number of local talents that are out there,” says Jacs.

MBLife Live is a place where up and coming Filipino solo and band artists can strut their musical stuff on stage.

The online show is co-hosted by cozy, start-up coffee shop Paper+Cup, located within Manila Bulletin.

MBLife Live also impacts the way we enjoy music because of social media.

“MB Life is all about empowering our readers, and widening their perspective is one such way to do that,” Jacs adds.

Netizens can get to enjoy live music online and in real life with the dynamic range of music genres, high energy and crowd-pleasing performances.

Notable artists who have graced the stage of MB Life Live include Yael Yuzon, Rivermaya, Orange and Lemons, 6 Cycle Mind, Jet Pangan, Rachel Alejandro, and Moira dela Torre.