Make The Most Of Your Time

Published December 8, 2018, 10:57 AM

by Madelaine B. Miraflor

1By Jake Galvez

Watches are not just for telling time—these days, it’s turning out to be more of a fashion accessory. Some people say that traditional watches have slowly lost their significance—like, when was the last time you were asked, what time is it? It’s a simple question that doesn’t get asked anymore, thanks to our handy gadgets. Take, for example, this question from @dancastillo on Instagram: “Hello Jake, I’m hesitant to get a watch because I feel like I don’t need it. Are watches still worth wearing nowadays?

Yes, simply because watches are a timeless and classic accessory. If you’ve been wearing a watch for the longest time, you might feel “naked” without one. Also, it seems rude to check your phone all the time in certain situations, like when you’re in the middle of a dinner date or having a business meeting with clients. A watch makes it easier to discreetly check the time.

Since a watch is a small item, you can be playful with it if you use it as a fashion accessory. However, for work, best to avoid popping colors and big fonts because you still want to look professional. It’s also plus points when you wear a watch because it looks like you put effort into getting dressed.

Pick a smartwatch that serves your needs, like the Fitbit Versa
Pick a smartwatch that serves your needs, like the Fitbit Versa

Aside from its basic functions, watches have been upgraded to do more. We are now in an era where smartwatches—just like smartphones—have become essential. Fitbit, the leading global wearable brand, introduced a “smartwatch for all” that is modern and intuitive. Fitbit Versa (P13,890) is a light metal smartwatch that offers a comfortable design and a new dashboard that simplifies how you access your health and fitness data. It features an ultra-thin, anodized aluminum case that is slightly tapered and angled to fit any-sized wrist. The rounded square silhouette display features a colorful touchscreen and brightness up to 1,000 nits, providing the ideal format to see all of your data. It also has new female health tracking to help you track your menstrual cycle, view holistic health data in one place, and better understand connections to your overall health. According to a recent Fitbit survey, 80% of women did not know how many phases are in a menstrual cycle and 70% were unable to correctly identify the average length of a cycle, demonstrating a lack of awareness about their health.


Versa also offers all the health and fitness features Fitbit users love most with a battery life that lasts over four days. Other features include:
• Personalized fitness guidance: Enhanced 24/7 PurePulseheart rate tracking, on-screen personal workouts from Fitbit Coach, 6 15+ Exercise Modes, Connected GPS, swim tracking with water resistance up to 50 meters, plus automatic activity and exercise tracking.
• Take charge of your health and wellness: Use Sleep Stages and Insights to see how well you‘re sleeping and set a restful sleep schedule, and Cardio Fitness Level to see how fit you are. Be more physically active throughout the day with Reminders to Move. A relative SpO2 sensor opens the potential to track important health indicators in the future, such as sleep apnea.
• Other features help you simplify your life by getting notifications and quick replies, music, pay from your wrist, apps, clock faces, and many more.

Fitbit Versa is available at Digital Walker, Beyond The Box, iBook, Timeline, The Inboxstore, iLiberty, Globe Telecom, Proton, Mobile 1, Banana Telecom, iCenter Cebu, Ambassador, Abenson, Lazada, Zalora, and Shoplite