Fast break

Published November 23, 2018, 6:58 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Miguel Villasis is ready to “face” what show business has in store for him.

Into martial arts and basketball, the 22-year-old is putting his athletic side in the backburner for a career in acting and singing. And what a way to do it: Just a few months ago, the newbie won first runner-up plum at the Face of the Year 2018 pageant, as a wild card contestant at that.

But in an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Miguel said he’d rather not ride on the coattails of that success. Instead, he’s honing his craft in singing and acting so people would notice him for his talents, and not his mug.

If fate would continue to smile on him, the looker would want to work with Piolo Pascual and Jericho Rosales in a movie or on TV. Before that, though, he is set to star in a short film about childhood friends.

As for singing, Miguel has launched the song “Date Tayo”, written by the famous battle rapper Rapido. This song is a coin for “torpes” around the globe.

“It is very relatable to me,” he laughed, admitting he is torpe in real life.

Though he counts rock bands Callalily and Spongecola as among his influences, “Date Tayo” is upbeat R&B.

“The genre fits my voice,” said he who took voice lessons and plays ukulele and drums.

The budding artist is planning to release his own version of Callalily’s “Magbalik” after that, then a full album.

Where does his background in sports come in all these, we asked.

“In the world of sports, you shouldn’t be soft-hearted and you always need to give your best. I think the same goes for showbiz. You will experience rejections and if you get hurt easily, then no one will like you,” he explained. “Whether in sports or in showbiz, I need to be strong and persevere in pursing the career I want.”

Spoken like a winner already.