DLSU senior high school students launch “Note Case”

Published November 23, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

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The founders of BOAT Enterprises, from left: Jassamyn A. Tolentino, Purchasing & Sales Officer; Giana Marie G. Obana, Vice President & Financial Officer; Mikaela G. Amadora, President & Marketing Officer; Inigo Rodolfo Miguel F. Bulfa, Human Resource & Operations Manager

BOAT Enterprises is a company that aims to supply students’ needs through NoteCase, a multi-purpose bag that can store a laptop. Inside NoteCase are small compartments that can secure other items such as pens, flashdrives, and other supplies. Charging cables and earphones have their own exclusive designated pockets as well, allowing easier compartmentalization.


NoteCase is made with leather, which gives it a standout and premium approach. NoteCase was designed mainly for students and to accommodate the increasing number of consumer technologies available to the mass market. These days people bring more than just their phones and laptops, along with a number of cables, flashdrives, and powerbanks. NoteCase aims to deliver a secured and organized way to mobilize multiple devices with style.

The name BOAT came from the names of the business founders themselves: Bulfa, Obana, Amadora and Tolentino.