‘Early detection key to survival’

Published November 15, 2018, 7:59 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Analou De Vera

The Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO) is encouraging the public to seek early consultation if they notice any unusual changes in their bodies for the early detetction of illnesses, particularly cancer.

“Yung mga pasyente na hindi pa alam kung ano yung gagawin, pag meron kayong nakita or nararamdaman, consult agad the doctor. Hindi ibig sabihin ay may cancer na kayo (If you have been seeing or experiencing sudden changes in your body, immediately consult a doctor. It does not mean that you have a cancer). Just do it for your peace of mind. Early detection is the key to survive, especially cancer, said PAPO president Fatima Lorenzo.

Recently,a multi-stakeholder collaborative dialogue titled ‘Cancer Game Plan 2018 Summit: How Service Delivery Network (SDN) can work for Cancer ‘ was held to discuss pressing concerns involving cancer patients.

The summit was attended by patient groups, representatives from the health department, and other medical societies.

“This year, we have been collaborating with various cancer advocates to drive discussions around the Cancer Game Plan advocacy, to eventually help in the shaping of health policy and the health environment that can effectively prevent and address the rising incident of cancer in the Philippines,” said Lorenzo.

Lorenzo said that Cancer Game Plan is an opportunity for the patients to voice out their various concerns especially on the matter of service delivery network.

“From experience, the success of most patient programs is attributed to an institutionalized service delivery network system where all stakeholders understand their role and there is a clear patient pathway, making navigation from early detection, access to diagnosis, and treatment easier,” she said.