CONCERT REVIEW: iKON’s first PH concert draws huge crowd: ‘You guys are the best’

Published November 14, 2018, 9:38 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

iKON performing at their first Manila concert at the Mall of Asia Arena (Photo from YG Entertainment)
iKON performing at their first Manila concert at the Mall of Asia Arena (Photo from YG Entertainment)

K-pop boy band iKON’s recent “iKON 2018 Continue Tour” at the Mall of Asia Arena was as successful as the shows of BTS, EXO, Wanna One, and Seventeen in terms of attendance.

Bobby, Ju-ne, Jay, Chan, B.I, Song, and DK performed songs that ranged from their debut in 2015 to their latest “New Kids: The Final.”

iKON opened the show with “Bling Bling” released last year, then followed it up with “Sinosijak” and “Rhythm Ta.”
“You guys are so passionate and I’m surprised,” Jay told the crowd.

While it was the group’s first time to perform in the country, Jay has ties to the Philippines, saying he lived in the country for a while when he was in high school.

“I stayed here, actually not here (but) in Davao City during my high school days and I have such good memories. At the time, I was a bit popular in Davao. So many girls liked me,” he said.

The arena was a sea of red color. The Philippine iKONICS in red t-shirts waved their lightsticks and wore blinking headbands.

During the concert, iKON also performed the songs “Love Scenario,” “Cocktail,” “Only You,” “Birthday,” “My Type,” “B-Day,” “Best Friend,” “Freedom,” “Perfect,” “Killing Me,” Goodbye Road,” “Everything,” and “Dumb & Dumber.”
Bobby had his solo spot in “Tendae” while B.I sang “One & Only.” The two also engaged in a “Love Scenario” sing-along spot and performed “Anthem.”

Pinoy iKONICS prepared several projects for the boy band. They ran an ad at the Mall of Asia Globamaze and arena, and gave souvenirs and food to the boys including lechon and Jollibee.

The fans also made Project Iridescence. Before iKON did their encore, fans turned on their phone flashlights and sang “Don’t Forget.” They also created a rainbow sea of lights inside the arena. “iKON, you are worth waiting for!” their banners read.

iKON members were clearly overwhelmed by the huge turnout. They shouted to the crowd, “We love you!”

“Thank you so much for waiting. Sorry for the wait. But we finally came here to see you guys, we’re so, so, so freaking happy,” said Bobby.

Jay said, “It’s our first time in Manila as iKON. For me it’s good to be back here.”

“Manila, sigaw!” said Song to hype up the crowd.

As iKON wrapped up the concert, Bobby and Jay also told Pinoy iKONICs: “You guys are the best!”

iKON 2018 Continue Tour in Manila was presented by YG Entertainment and Pulp Live World.