‘Stop unfair Continuing Professional Dev’t program’

Published November 10, 2018, 6:43 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Charissa Luci-Atienza

President Duterte is being urged by a party-list group representative to stop the ‘insensitive and unfair’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

AANGAT TAYO Party-List Rep. Neil Abayon on Saturday appealed to the Chief Executive to step in and stop the implementation of the CPD program, while the House Committee on Revision of Laws seeks ways to correct the Professional Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) implementation of the CPD.

“The Continuing Professional Development Law is conceptually sound, but how the PRC has failed to implement it with justice and fairness to professionals is not. It is for this reason that I ask the President to step in,” Abayon, a member of the House Committee on Revision of Laws, said in a statement.

He noted the current laws requires updating training for licenses for public practice, even as he counted on the professionals to know the latest practices and tools of their fields.

“What the PRC has failed miserably at is not exercising creativity and innovation to make CPD affordable and accessible. Instead, a CPD training industry has grown much to the disadvantage of professionals,” Abayon said.

“There are still entities and people out there who charge thousands of pesos for CPD training. Given current difficult economic times, how can our professionals cope with that? There are even some CPD event organizers who could be of dubious character yet flourish and run rampant,” he stressed.