Megan Young: More relaxed, still ravishing

Megan Young (Photo by Lester Ramos) Megan Young (Photo by Lester Ramos)

Miss World 2013 Megan Young is ever drop-dead gorgeous, but when she looks you in the eye and says she has relaxed her diet and fitness regimen, you believe her if only for being so earnest about it.

“It was really intense then because I had to prepare for the contest in such short amount of time,” she said. “I like my lifestyle now more than before.”

She eats carbohydrates, including rice, albeit under control. If she can help it, she opts for sweet potatoes.
“But the few times I pig out, I really pig out,” she said with a laugh.

In fact, during her recent trip in New York over the holidays with her boyfriend Mikael Daez, they gained five and six pounds, respectively.

“But we don’t feel bad about it because we enjoy it. You should just know how to balance it,” she explained.

“That’s why we try to maintain healthy lifestyle so we don’t feel guilty when we pig out.”

Megan shared she has also had a mindset transformation over the years.

She proudly shared she’s now smarter in terms of making financial decisions.

“Like before, I remember, that whenever I would have my paycheck or after doing certain project, I would really spend a lot of it immediately,” she said. “But now I have this moment to contemplate and ask myself if I need it, if I need this certain dress, if I need these material things, or how long will these things make me happy. So with those questions, I don’t have the desire to buy unnecessary things, those that only bring temporary happiness.”
Megan also has certain considerations in accepting projects.

When it comes to endorsements, she said going with a conservative brand is important to her.

“I mean, I would consider myself conservative in a way that yes I do photo shoots that are bit sexy but it’s always in a setting like beach or it’s not like in a room or anything,” she explained. “So definitely I go with the brands that I feel are more conservative, nothing too showy.”

She recalled receiving offers that require her to go sexy. Megan politely turned them all down.

“I just didn’t think I would be a fit endorser for them,” she explained.

“It’s not always about the money.”

Later she added: “Any brand I’m associated with is something I know I’ll use or I have been using before. It should be something that resonates with me.”

Bulletin Entertainment caught up with Megan at the culminating event of Cosmo Skin’s “Transformations—Beauty + Fitness” annual health and beauty campaign. It is spearheaded by BFC Laboratories and Watsons Stores that seek to help everyone achieve their health and beauty goals through a sensible program of regular exercise, diet and most importantly, supplementation.

Also attending the event were Jason “Coach Untoy” Villanueva, David Licauco, Ariella Arida, and Enzo Pineda.
The products Megan endorses is the Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen.

“I’m very happy that BFC added me to their family since I’m an advocate for taking care of yourself from the inside and out,” she said.