Flight attendant breastfeeds stranger’s infant aboard plane

Published November 8, 2018, 9:39 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Katherine Marajas

Filipina flight attendant Patrisha Organo shared on Tuesday a special flight encounter after she breastfed a passenger’s baby.

During her morning domestic flight, the 24-year-old flight attendant of Philippine Airlines Express noticed a baby crying.

“Everything went smoothly until after take off, I heard an infant’s cry, a cry that will make you want to do anything to help,” Organo wrote on Facebook.

She then approached the mother and offered to breastfeed the passenger’s baby.

“Teary-eyed, she told me that she ran out of formula milk.”

“I felt a pinch in my heart. There’s no formula milk onboard. I thought to myself, there’s only one thing I could offer and that’s my own milk. And so I offered,” she shared.

According to Organo, the mother was immediately assisted by a line administrator.

“I saw the relief on her mother’s eyes. I continued to feed the baby until she fell asleep . I escorted her back to her seat and just before I left, the mother sincerely thanked me.”

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