Makati, Quezon and Manila top earners among LGUs

Published November 6, 2018, 2:03 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Ben Rosario

The cities of Makati, Quezon and Manila are the top revenue earners among all local government units in the country but are likewise the biggest spenders.

Makati City skyline (Photo courtesy of / MANILA BULLETIN)
Makati City skyline
(Photo courtesy of / MANILA BULLETIN)

Among provinces, Negros Occidental, Bulacan and Rizal are first, second and third, respectively, in terms of earnings.

Except for Rizal, which ranked eighth in spending, Negros Occidental and Bulacan, now joined by seventh top earner Batangas, took the top three largest in expenditures.

In the recently released 2017 Annual Financial Report for Local Government Units, the Commission on Audit tagged Cainta, Rizal; Limay, Bataan; and Taytay, Rizal; among the top three revenue getters.

However, the Cainta, Taytay and Rodriguez, Rizal were the highest spenders for the year with Limay dropping out from the list of ten biggest government fund disbursers for the year.

Total LGU revenue for 2017 reached P624.71 billion which is an improvement of the 2016 receipt of P549.17 billion, indicating a P75.55 billion or 13.76-percent increase.

On the other hand, expenditures increased in 2017 as LGUs disbursed P456.98 billion. The figure is higher by 10.17 percent compared to 2016 expenditures of P414.81 billion.

COA disclosed that cities pocketed the largest amount of revenue at P272.62 billion or 43.64 of all LGU earnings in 2017.

Municipalities financial gains reached P209.98 billion while provinces, P142.11 billion.

Correspondingly, cities incurred the biggest amount of expenses at P191.74 billion or 41.96 percent of the total expenses, while municipalities and provinces disbursed P162.68 billion and P102.54 billion, respectively.

The earnings included as revenue are LGU’s share of internal revenue allotment which accounted for 63.30 percent of the total income. The national government distributed P371.77 billion IRA in 2017.

Taxes includes IRA 63.30 percent remains the top source of revenue for the LGUs with P371.77 billion.. Local tax collections account for P145.50 billion or 24.77 percent of the revenue.

Sources of income include service and business income, P54.50 billion; shares, grants and donations, P6.54 billion; and other national taxes, P8.91 billion.

Metro Manila localities received the highest revenue among all Philippine cities, accounting for eight top ten placements.

Makati City topped the list with P26.85 billion, followed by Quezon City, P20.20 billion.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown Davao City, placed sixth with P7.77- billion income.

Others in the top ten are the following: 3) Manila, P12.63 billion; 4) Pasig, P10,09 billion; 5) Taguig, P7.83 billion; 7) Cebu, P6.28 billion; 8) Caloocan City, P5.61 billion; 9) Pasay City, P5.59 billion; and, 10) Parañaque, P5,13 billion.

Biggest spenders are: 1) Makati City, P13.07 billion; 2) Quezon City, P12.30 billion; 3) Manila, P10.60 billion; 4) Pasig, P6.33 billion; 5) Davao, P5, 73 billion; 6) Cebu, P6.64 billion; 7) Taguig, P5.60 billion; 8) Caloocan City P4.05 billion; 9) Pasay City, P4.03 billion; and, 10) Mandaluyong City, P3.92 billion.

Parañaque City was not listed in the top 10 disbursers for spending only P3.91 billion for the year. On the other hand, Mandaluyong whose income of P4.67 billion is not among the highest 10 revenue, is the tenth highest spender among cities.

Seven Luzon provinces made the highest ten revenue earners but Negros Occidental topped the list.

The top ten list of provinces with highest income in 2017: 1) Negros Occidental, P5.42 billion; 2) Bulacan, P5 billion; 3) Rizal, P4.46 billion; 4) Cebu, P4.09 billion; 5) Cavite, P3.99 billion; 6) Laguna, P3.77 billion; 7) Pangasinan, P3.77 billion; 8. Batangas, P3.60 billion; 9) Bukidnon, P3.30 billion; and, 10) Nueva Ecija, P3.29 billion.

Ten highest recorded expenditures: 1) Negros Occidental, P4.44 billion; 2) Bulacan, P3.26 billion; 3) Batangas, P3.06 billion; 4) Cebu, P3.03 billion; 5) Pangasinan, P2.96 billion; 6) Laguna, P2.80 billion; 7) Cavite, P2.53 billion; 8.) Rizal, P2.44 billion; 9) Pampanga, P2.43 billion; and, 10) Quezon, P2.39 billion.

Pampanga is among the top ten provincial earners having earned only P2.99 billion. However, despite making it to the list of highest spenders, Quezon’s income of P3,291 billion was just P1 million shy of making the top ten highest earners.

Not one municipality located in Visayas and Mindanao made it to the ten highest revenue earners in 2017.

The top ten: 1) Cainta, Rizal, P1.22 billion; 2) Limay, Bataan, P1.04 billion; 3) Taytay, Rizal, P900 million; 4) Rodriguez, Rizal, P899 billion; 5) Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, P781.14 million; 6) Marilao, Bulacan, P775.3 million; 7) Sto. Tomas, Batangas, P721.23 million; 8) Carmona, Cavite, P709.07 million; 9) Silang, Cavite, P700.30 million; and, 10) Rosario, Cavite, P696.49 million.

Based on expenditures the top ten municipalities are: 1) Cainta, P1.11 billion; 2) Taytay, P794.90 million; 3) Rodriguez, P725.40 million; 4) Marilao, P651.15 million; 7) Silang, P482.80 million; 8) Baliuag, Bulacan, P469.million; 9) Carmona, P469 million; and, 10) Mariveles, Bataan, P467 million.

Limay dropped out from the list of heavy spenders as it disbursed only P315.64 million out of the P1.042 billion it earned in 2017.

Narvacan spent only P198.78 million of its P781.14 million collections for the year, thus, was nowhere in the list of top spenders.