Lifeguards should stay fit, healthy – DOH

Published October 31, 2018, 3:38 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Analou De Vera

The Department of Health- Calabarzon has reminded people who work as lifeguards in the region to practice healthy lifestyles and maintain healthy and strong physiques.


“It is important to lessen and refrain from vices such as smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks which can affect perception and awareness on duty,” said Regional Director Eduardo Janairo.

Recently, at least 38 trainees underwent the Lifeguard Qualification Training set by the DOH-Calabarzon in coordination with the Philippine Coast Guard. The training was part of the ‘Health in Tourism Program’ of the region to ensure the health and safety of all people in Tourism Related Establishment (TREs) in Calabarzon, said Janairo.

Janairo said that the trained lifeguards will serve as the first line of defense during water emergencies in various resort establishments in the region.

“You are the most important member of your establishments, because you know how to save lives and you are trained to protect the safety and security of guests and tourists who will be going to bathe in the pool, on the beach or island hopping in distinct places where they will be spending time swimming or snorkeling,” said Janairo.

The health official said that, given their knowledge in first aid treatment and basic life support service, trained lifeguard could prevent or immediately address “water incidents like drowning.”

“Do not disregard the skills and knowledge you have learned because you will not only be saving other lives but you will also be providing yourself with the opportunity to make your lives better because what you have acquired here can provide you an opportunity for high sustainable revenue in the future,” said Janairo.

“We will continue to conduct Lifeguard Qualification Training next year to be able to have more certified lifeguards not only in Calabarzon but the whole country as well. Saving lives is not only the responsibility of medical responders but also of lifeguards,” he added.