Olivarez warns ill-mannered Ospar medical staff

Published October 29, 2018, 7:07 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Dhel Nazario

Parañaque City Mayor Edwin Olivarez warned employees of the Ospital ng Parañaque (Ospar), particularly the medical staff, against mistreating patients at the public hospital or face dismissal.

 Ospital ng Parañaque (photo courtesy of Comelec/ Twitter)
Ospital ng Parañaque (photo courtesy of Comelec/ Twitter)

Complaints have surfaced in social media from netizens who bewailed the handling of patients at the hospital.

In a statement, Olivarez said that he will immediately relieve the doctors, nurses, and employees involved in the complaints once a thorough investigation has been concluded.

The patients took to social media their disappointment over the ill-tempered nurses and lack of medicines and doctors at the Emergency Room of the Ospar.

One Facebook user said that hospital staff should undergo a series of seminars for their ill-mannered behavior towards the patients who are residents of Parañaque.

The post alleged that some of the patients had to wait up to 30 minutes before they get looked at by the assigned physicians, forcing them to transfer to costlier private hospitals.

There was even a complainant alleging that some patients were asked to bring their own thermometers.

Upon hearing these complaints, Olivarez said that the staff of Ospar should show compassion and understanding towards the residents who go the hospital regardless of their social status.

The mayor said that their demeanor, if the allegations are true, is contrary to the quality of service that he stands for in the city.