1 out of 10 Davao cops overweight

Published October 28, 2018, 8:04 PM

by Francine Ciasico


By Antonio Colina IV

DAVAO CITY – At least 10 percent of the police personnel of the Police Regional Office 11 (PRO 11) is overweight due to work-related stress and sedentary lifestyle, according to Supt. Michelle Arban, acting chief of the Regional Health Services (RHS).


Arban said the police forces in the region will participate in the nationwide “Mission: Slim Possible Reloaded” to address the weight issues of some police officers.

Launched on June 13, 2017, the program aims to promote healthy living with fit and develop and maintain the physical fitness of every personnel in order to perform everyday task efficiently and effectively.

Some PRO 11 personnel developed a sedentary lifestyle, including binge drinking and unhealthy eating habits, due to work-related stress and lack of sleep, Arban said.

“When they are stressed they tend to eat a lot and drink alcohol,” she said.

She said the top lifestyle-related diseases of the police urinary tract infection, diabetes, liver disease, and cardio vascular disease.

She said the RHS, assigned to monitor the weight of more than 7,000 police officers in Davao Region, conducts healthy lifestyle management and nutrition campaign to all police personnel to keep their weight in check.

Also, she said the overweight police officers have been diagnosed with liver diseases.

“Our doctors determine 10 percent of our policemen are having liver disease due to lifestyle. They lack sleep, eat unhealthy meals, and maybe alcohol and smoking,” Arban said.

She said the overweight personnel will undergo a diet program to be supervised by a nutritionist and “policethenics” workout and Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays to lose weight.

The personnel who fail to attain their desired weight cannot avail of the privileges and possibly lose chance to get promoted because the “prerequisite is that you should be physically fit and you should abide the programs to be healthy and fit,” she said.