‘Mind, Body, and Soul’

Published October 22, 2018, 5:44 PM

by Madelaine B. Miraflor

Challenge accepted.

Those were the words spoken by the three artists, Mindanaoan sculptor/painter Kublai Millan, wood sculptor Agi Pagkatipunan, and ostrich egg artist Danny Rayos del Sol, at their impromptu meeting in Davao.

It was a multi-artist collaboration specializing in different mediums for creative expression sounds like a daunting task. Cultural bearer Kublai, primarily works on monumental sculptures using large canvases presenting his expressions of culture in the South. His monumental sculptures continuously remind people of the beauty of their ethnicity, reawakening their pride for it.

Government worker Agi, does visual and aesthetically pleasing pieces that doubly serves as functional art. His exemplary woodworks made of local polished Philippine hardwood gives an accent of traditional design and contemporary appeal to modern spaces.

Humanitarian worker Danny, has his delicate ostrich eggs, on which he sculpts, cuts, and carves very fine and intricate details.  His art pieces exude a particular elegance and artistic language that conveys the magnitude of his artistic wisdom.

One might think that this collaboration is doomed to fail for the lack of connection. This collaboration however, challenges them to create an art piece that bridges together disparate mediums and forms.



Titling the show is a breeze. Conceptualization however, takes more than a whole gamut of sleepless nights. From the beginning, they are given a limited time to finish the collaboration pieces. Moreover, things are made even more difficult by the miles and miles of distance separating their home bases. Simply coming up with a sensible plan to put things together takes time.

The primary plan set by Kublai is that he begins the initial art piece, after which it would be passed on to the next artist. The second artist must then be able to add and build upon this initial piece, connecting and incorporating his own work and art style. Subsequently, the product would be passed on to the final artist, and he must be able put things together to include his own art expression.

Danny, however, commented that building up on a collaborative piece of art, also means to be able also to be at each other’s feet. Agi, on the other hand was perplexed saying only, “I will just follow you!”


The push of working together is likened to a world where there is a call for working together in achieving a certain goal. Building on each other’s strengths and friendship, there was definitely mutual respect. There exists a belief and confidence among them that each can rightfully adjust to the other’s creative whims and outbursts. This is the essential key that paves the way for their successful collaboration.

Through persistent communication and connection, theses artists have forged a harmony consisting of contrasting and complimenting ideas, the number one requirement in creating masterpieces. The vibrant alignment of mind, body, and spirit not only manifests in their work, but also in their deep friendship.



Disparate mediums or not, the collaboration has brought about one message to all, that even in a world of differences, there is this continuity to achieve one goal, a world of beauty and peace.

Kublai’s vibrant colors, line movements, and paint strokes on canvas presents an expression of his “Mind”—something abstract and complex, mystical and transcendental. Using his distinct crisscrossing patterns, the richness of colors reflects his Mindanaoan descent.

Danny heightens Kublai’s work of the “Mind” in canvas by incorporating a representation of the “Soul” in sculpted ostrich eggs. The calm mood light radiating from within emphasizes the elegance of the intricate carvings on the egg. The illuminated egg brings to fore the fragility of the soul and its power to send forth light to both the abstract mind and physical body.

The conundrum of trying to put together an expression of the “Body” that holds both the “Mind” and “Soul” is not an easy feat. Using a polished hardwood, Agi tries to find the form to release the fluidity of the wood. The link he has to his medium has done magic to put the collaboration work to its completion. A unique artwork indeed!


The masterpieces, the new creations of Kublai Millan, Agi Pagkatipunan, and Danny Rayos del Sol is an alignment of their individualities, of deep friendship, and respect in the “Mind,” “Body,” and “Spirit.”

The limited artworks were on exhibit at the 10thAnnual ManilArt Fair, which ran from Oct. 17-21 at the SMX Convention Center, Taguig.

ManilArt was co-presented by the NCCA and Bonafide Art Galleries Organization (BAGO) with support from SMX, SM Aura Malls, BDO, I Love Taguig, The Manila Bulletin, Lifestyle Asia, Art+ Magazine, Don Papa Rhum, Giffard Liqueur& Syrups Philippines, Savaroso Inc, Via Mare, Manilascope, and Ladder Events.