CyberInt Among 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers - CIOReview

Israeli cybersecurity company CyberInt was recently recognized by technology magazine CIOReview as one of 2018’s 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers. This recognition, reviewed by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, and CIOReview editors, is given to security solutions that have proven to be the best at helping protect organizations from the vast range of cyber threats perpetrated by ever-more sophisticated threat actors, including zero-day attacks, exploits and new forms of malware.

“We are grateful for CIOReview’s recognition,” said Amir Ofek, CEO of CyberInt. “The cybersecurity market is becoming ever more crowded, and it’s great knowing that we stand out from the crowd.”

The advent of cloud computing and mobile technology, along with the increase in capital flows and cyber linkages across the global digital platform indicate a more complex cyber threat landscape and the escalation of cybersecurity challenges. As the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks increase every day, it is crucial for organizations to focus on cyber security irrespective of their industry. CyberInt offers multilayered detection and responses for digital businesses—designed to mimic the hacker’s perspective—to help today’s security managers spot and identify those points of vulnerability that cause security breaches before they become actual incidents.

As a hotspot for cybercrime, the Philippines is primed for the services of a cybersecurity expert like CyberInt, which entered the country in 2016 in partnership with their Philippine partner IPV Network. Since then, the affiliation has been providing robust security solutions, and managed detection and response services to leading financial institutions and other major industries. Employing their Argos Threat Intelligence Platform, CyberInt generates real-time incidents of targeted attacks, data leakage, and stolen credentials, as well as provides safety beyond the perimeter via its flexible, highly automated, intelligence-driven system.

“The recognition given to CyberInt is further proof that organizations need innovative cybersecurity partners with in-depth security solutions that can detect cyber threats while enabling real-time insights to protect its customers,” said IPV Network CEO Miguel Ramos.”

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