HyunA leaves Cube Entertainment after 10 years

K-pop star HyunA is now a free agent after she and Cube Entertainment agreed to end her contract.

Pentagon’s E’Dawn (left) and HyunA (Instagram) /mb.com.ph Pentagon’s E’Dawn (left) and HyunA (Instagram)

The agency announced that “Cube Entertainment and HyunA agreed to terminate her contract on October 15.”

HyunA was under Cube Entertainment for 10 years and became a member of girl group 4Minute in 2009. After 4Minute disbanded in 2016, she stayed in the agency as a solo artist.

The decision came more than two months after HyunA admitted that K-pop boy band Pentagon’s E’Dawn was her boyfriend and that they have been in a relationship for two years.

HyunA and E’Dawn told Yonhap News in August that "we've been going out with each other for two years. We know this would result in some kind of labelling, but we thought it would be hard to look straight into the eyes of our fans (without being honest)."

Facing backlash from Korean fans, Cube Entertainment suspended the activities of the two singers. E’Dawn did not attend Pentagon’s events.

Last month, the agency announced it decided to kick out HyunA and E’Dawn from the company for breach of trust.

But it took back the statement on the same day with Cube’s CEO Shin Dae-nam announcing that "we're discussing the issue, but it's not confirmed. The opinions of the artists are also important, so it needs be handled carefully.

We'll have a board meeting next week to discuss this issue," according to Yonhap News.

No decision was announced by the company regarding E’Dawn.