Failed strategy caused her frustration

Published October 13, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

When this couple attended an event, they were at the venue early to make sure they would be relaxed as they prepared. After a few hours, they were ready and were told that they could go down and walk the red carpet.
Female Celebrity (FC) said they preferred to be the last to arrive. At the time, the live coverage was ongoing and celebrities would be stopped for a few minutes for lightning interviews and quick snaps.

'Failed Strategy ' (Illustration by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin)
‘Failed Strategy ‘ (Illustrations by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin)

So, the couple and the team monitored the arrivals and did not realize that the hours were passing. As they made their way to the event, power couples and single celebrities arrived. They all left statements with their outfits. Finally, FC and Male Partner (MP) had their moment. Their outfits were eye-catching, but the guests who arrived before them were still in the minds of the onlookers. Hence, the plan to have sort of the last say did not happen. Worse, their arrival was no longer covered by the live telecast, which ended an hour before they walked on the red carpet. These circumstances and the lack of coordination frustrated FC and affected her disposition.

After the event, co-workers from a show they used to be part of invited the couple to an after-party. Known partygoers, the hosts were confident the couple would not let them down. MP gave an affirmative response, but FC said she would rather go home as she was not feeling well. Obviously, FC was still distressed by her failure to shine on cam earlier. Thus, the couple went home and missed the more interesting happenings at the after-party.

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Missing Presence

‘Missing Presence’

Everything was set for that magical night. The gown was ready and so was the glam team, who would make sure Low-Profile actress (LP) would stand out in a rare appearance. LP was excited to join Rumored Boyfriend (RB) walk down the red carpet.

Everyone waited – but the excitement fizzled. Someone had other plans and made sure LP’s night would be ruined. That person allegedly sent a photo to LP. It showed network Actress (NA) in the room of RB. The side story is that NA has allegedly fallen in love with RB, who has grown fond of her as well. NA and an accomplice allegedly connived to send the controversial photo to LP.

However, no confrontation happened, as LP feared RB might walk out on her. Instead of showing that she was affected by the photo, she copped out that night and made an excuse that she was not well enough to go.