Barber makes the cut

The word is “surreal,” said Edward Barber on working with seasoned actors Aga Muhlach and Bea Alonzo in the Paul Soriano film “First Love.”

Edward Barber ( Edward Barber

The story is about Ali (Bea) who desperately wants to live and Nick (Aga) who wants to end his life. Both will teach viewers to never stop believing, and with every pain, comes the greatest lesson in life.

Edward as Simon plays a big role in the lives of the two. Though he did not expound on the details of his character, the young star noted he has a “special” and “unique” affinity to it.

Aga is impressed with Edward. The former revealed the latter would excuse himself for a minute to get into the character before the cameras start rolling.

“Very professional, he’s serious with his craft,” Bea added.

Edward admitted he was actually nervous all those times and it was also his way of calming himself.

“I’m the kind of person who feels my problem a lot when I’m intense. Like, I focus too much on the lines, focus too much on what I’m supposed to be feeling, instead of genuinely experiencing it,” he said.

When told he was cast in the movie, Edward recalled “freaking out.” His love team partner, Maymay Entrata, who was beside him that moment, was so happy for him.

“I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless,” he admitted.

“That time I was shaking because I was excited but nervous at the same time. I mean I’m new in this industry yet I already got the chance to work with the big stars. It’s really an amazing opportunity.”

Moral support

Edward revealed Maymay sent him a video to cheer him up while he was shooting scenes in Vancouver, Canada.
“Really, she was there with me every step of way,” he said with a smile.

Borrowing the title of the flick, he was asked if Maymay is his first love.

“My relationship with Maymay, in a way, is something I can’t relate or compare to any other pair I’ve ever seen before. I can’t compare it to my parents, I can’t compare it to my friends and their girlfriends or their loved ones. Maymay is not really a ‘normal’ person,” he said which got everyone in the room in stitches.

“But that’s not a bad thing,” Edward quickly continued. And then, this: “Actually that’s why she’s more amazing than most girls I know or any girl I know. She’s one of the people that I love in my life.”

Asked if he does see himself as regular Joe, Edward shook his head, noting that “being normal is the worst part of life.”

“I think no one normal ever achieved anything amazing,” he said. “By being weird – by being strange and unique – you go far.”

Edward continued: “If you’re in a room and saw Maymay and bunch of other girls. And saw Maymay doing her (comedy) thing, would you remember her or would you remember the other people? For me, I would remember Maymay.”
How would he label their relationship?


Expect the unexpected

At 18, Edward said he still can’t define what first love is. But he added that based on his perspective on growing up and seeing the experience from his parents, sister, or the people around him, first love is “always the craziest, the most painful, but it’s always the one that you look for again.”

(From left): Edward with Aga Muhlach and A scene from 'First Love' ( (From left): Edward with Aga Muhlach and A scene from 'First Love'

“Insanity, I guess, but the most exciting one,” he pointed out.

Anyway, in doing the movie, he shared that he really felt comfortable thanks to Maymay who have consistently showed her support, and, of course, the cast and crew.

“I have nothing but gratitude,” he said. “I never enjoyed making movie more than I have now. Definitely, this is among experiences I won’t ever forget. The nine days I spent in Vancouver with these amazing people is something I won’t ever forget.”

Asked what kind of experience the audience are in for by watching the film, Edward said it will be like a rollercoaster ride.

“There will be moments in the movie when you’d wish you were Ali, you’d wish you were Nick, you’d wish you’re part of the story,” he said. “But there’s also gonna be moments when you wanna take that back, you don’t wanna be in their position.”

“First Love,” which is produced by TEN17P together with Star Cinema and Viva Films, will start showing on Oct. 17 in cinemas nationwide.