Teen stars try voice acting for the first time on ‘Barangay 143’

Published October 9, 2018, 11:24 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Teen stars Migo Adecer, Julie Anne San Jose, Ruru Madrid, and Kelley Day have faces that people will soon say, sound familiar.

(From left): Julie Anne San Jose, Ruru Madrid and Kelley Day (mb.com.ph)
(From left): Julie Anne San Jose, Ruru Madrid and Kelley Day

They try voice acting for the first time on the first Filipino anime series “Barangay 143” also featuring the voices of John Arcilla, Edu Manzano, Lorna Tolentino, and Cherie Gil.

The story is about Bren Park (Migo), a young and rising basketball star in Korea who turns his back on everything important to him following a major event that changes his perspective in life forever. The search for answers leads him to Manila where he lives with his former nanny, Tita Baby (Lorna), in the gritty neighborhood of Barangay 143. It is here that he unexpectedly finds a new family that teaches him how to live and love once again.

At a recent press conference, the four actors shared their experiences in doing the series.

Ruru began by saying voice acting is different from merely dubbing lines. He compared it to what they do on radio dramas.

Julie was more eloquent on the subject, saying, “Usually when we’re acting for television, the audiences could see the nuances, the physical attribution, and the body language or how our characters move. But this time, for us actors to become effective, we needed to give more exaggeration to our voices to convey each emotion.”
Funny, but Migo actually finds voice acting easier to do.

“First of all the script is in front of you and there’s no director screaming at you,” he said in jest.

Turning serious, he noted that it helps to close the eyes while delivering the lines.

“It involves more imagination than just acting,” he pointed.

The youngest among them, Migo admitted he watches a lot of anime shows so he totally “gets” it.

Kelley likes voice acting because there’s no tendency to “over rehearse” the lines.

“When the script is in front of me, I could feel the lines more. It’s fresh, it’s spontaneous,” she said.

A scene from ‘Barangay 143’ (mb.com.ph)
A scene from ‘Barangay 143’

In terms of the sound they produce for their characters, the young actors shared they slightly changed their normal speaking voices though taking care these would still be recognizable.

Asked if the show would still appeal to those who aren’t into basketball, Julie Anne gave pragmatic response.
“The important thing to remember is that even though the main aspect is basketball, it still combines with everything about life,” she explained. “The show is set on the streets of Tondo, Manila and it talks about family, friendship, love, hardship, loss, and such.”

Also in the star-studded, all-Filipino voice cast are Alice Dixson, Teresa Loyzaga, Raver Eda, Pen Medina, Benjie Paras, Archie Alemania, Ping Medina, Jerald Napoles, Roadfill Macasero, Kimpoy Feliciano, and the Kramer family consists of Cheska, Doug, Kendra, and Scarlet.

“Barangay 143” is a co-production of Synergy88 Entertainment Media Inc. (Philippines) together with August Media Holdings (Singapore), TV Asahil (Japan), and ASI Animation Studio. It premieres on Oct. 21, 10 a.m. on GMA.