AUDIO JUNKIE: Cebuana pride outs songs on sex, peace and love

Published October 6, 2018, 6:33 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

After her breakout hit “Cebuana” (released late 2017) spread on the Internet like wildfire early this year, the Los Angeles-based dance-pop artist Karencitta has been releasing music regularly.

Karencitta (

Her whirlwind promo tour saw her appear as guest on virtually every TV and FM radio program. Indeed, Karencitta has been non-stop.

She released two singles. “No Apology (Wala Akong Paki)” which continued on the surging club party vibe she started with “Cebuana.” Then there was the slower, ballad-y tune “June (XXXTentacion’s Lullaby)” which she dedicated to the recently departed urban music, hip-hop artist. The latter was an interesting break from her frenetic pace but it showed there’s a different level on Karencitta’s dial other than max 10. She proved it further in doing that collaboration with local R&B act Just Hush on the swirling R&B ballad “Special.”

We realize she likes to tease. There’s a sexual undercurrent to all her tracks and it’s not like she tries to hide it. For example, the midtempo urban / faux Blue Note jazz amalgam “Fckroun” is an overt nod (and wink) to her music’s sweat and grind quality. Same goes for the ear-tweaking (with those Red Hot Chili Peppers-like guitars) on recent single called “Luvburn.” Check out that chorus “I love the way you put it on me/ I feel it on my skin you got me / your love is like a wrong turn / you’ll be touchin’ me all / I got it the luvburn.” Right.

Karencitta is just full of surprises. On her latest single, right after singing about hickeys and conjuring images of getting nasty at the back of a car, she does a 180 turn and espouses the ideals of Gandhi.

Karencitta official album art (
Karencitta official album art

And on the eve of the release of “1 Love,” her latest single, she released the following statement. “We are a human family but why do we propagate evil and hatred towards one another? When we are motivated by greed and jealousy, it’s not possible for the world to live harmoniously.” She added that she released the track on the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth as the song echoed all that he stood for.

Like we said, this artist is full of surprises. “1 Love” has its merits for sure. Bubbling with elements of club, electro, dancehall and pop mixed with its “Where Is The Love” and “I’ve Got A Feeling” sentiments, its resulting effect is this anthemic potpourri of positivity and party hearty fun. The track also features sarod players Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash. Fyi, a sarod is a four-stringed lute that sounds like a sitar (or at least that’s how it sounded on this particular track).

“The kind of love we should advocate for is the wider love that you can have even for someone who has done harm to you. I may not be able to deliberately solve war but I can promote peace. If it is possible, live at peace with one another because 1 love will always win,” she said.