Mozilla releases Firefox for VR

By Robert "Bob" Reyes


Mozilla, the global non-profit behind the open source web browser Firefox, makes a leap toward mainstream Virtual Reality (VR) with the release of Firefox Reality. A completely new browser, Firefox Reality has been designed from the ground up to work on stand-alone virtual and augmented reality (or even mixed reality) headsets.

This new web browser brings the 3D web and immersive content experiences the level of ease of use, choice, control, and privacy expected from Firefox.

“We had to rethink everything, including navigation, text-input, environments, search and more. This required years of research, and countless conversations with users, content creators, and hardware partners. The result is a browser that is built for the medium it serves. It makes a big difference, and we think you will love all of the features and details that we’ve created specifically for a MR browser,” according to Andre Vrignaud, Head of Mixed Reality Platform Strategy at Mozilla.


One feature that makes Firefox Reality a standout is the ability to search the web using your voice. This VR web browser gives you the option to search using the microphone in your headset.

The first release of Firefox Reality is available in the Viewport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores.