Envisioning a World Without Waste

Published September 28, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

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Over 19 coasts across the Philippines, including the shores of Subic Bay in Zambales and Roxas Boulevard in Manila, woke up to throngs of people picking up all kinds of rubbish found on and beneath the sand. The whole Coca-Cola System in the Philippines participated in massive cleanup along various shores in the country where their facilities are present. This is in line with the Company’s global goal of making the vision of a World Without Waste a reality.

During the International Coastal Cleanup last Saturday, associates of Coca-Cola, led by their Senior Leadership Team, spearheaded the cleanup in the former US naval base in Subic while simultaneous cleanups were also conducted in Roxas Boulevard and in 19 other locations where a Coca-Cola bottling facility is present.

“Food and beverage packaging is an important part of our modern lives, but that doesn’t discount the fact that there is a waste problem in the country and around the world. As the leading beverage Company, we have a responsibility to help find a solution to the problem,” said Gilda Maquilan, Sustainability Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines.

Since 1995, The Coca-Cola Company has supported the International Coastal Cleanup and Ocean Conservancy through educational outreach, community engagement, research, industry collaborations, marketing and more.

During the coastal cleanup, the waste collected was sorted into various categories. Recyclables collected were properly turned over to junk shops to give them a second life—thereby creating shared opportunities for the informal waste sector and the whole recycling industry.

World Without Waste communities chosen by partners Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement and Sarangani Province Empowerment and Community Transformation Forum, Inc. also participated in the International Coastal Cleanup, by cleaning the Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape among others.

Earlier this year, The Coca-Cola Company unveiled its global vision of a World Without Waste. The aim of the initiative is for the Company to be able to retrieve every bottle or can that they produce by year 2030.

Recyclable PET bottles, which have been used as poster image by groups in their campaign against plastic waste, are one of the highly collected and recyclable forms of plastic. Considered a resource, due to its high value post consumption, recyclable PET bottles do not have to end up in oceans and dumpsites.

“With proper knowledge, system, and facilities, recyclable PET bottles can be an easily accessible resource that can become more than their initial use. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with government agencies, non-government organizations, and local communities to help develop a collection and recycling system that will meet the needs of the country,” said Maquilan.

Coca-Cola Philippines is a proud sponsor of the International Coastal Cleanup 2018 in the Philippines, which is part of the Global Conservancy Group – an international organization that is Fighting for Trash Free Seas. During the International Coastal Cleanup Summit on September 27 and 28, Coca-Cola Philippines will be hosting Hackapack—a hackathon among student participants to help find new solutions in collecting and recycling PET bottles.