Taiwan takes center stage in speeding up Smart City solutions

Published September 27, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Taiwan continuously takes over the world through its high-tech prowess. The country’s most advanced and first-of-its-kind information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities have made it easier to embrace the Smart City concept – using ICT to increase operational efficiency, optimize city functions, and spur economic growth.

 Last month, Amazon, a Seattle-based e-commerce giant, picked the “hidden gem of Asia” as their latest innovation center. Other companies like IBM, Google, and Microsoft have also expressed their interest in developing hubs in the country soon.

Why is Taiwan ripe for innovation? First, it is relatively small, only one-eighth of Philippines’ land. This makes it an ideal place for pilot projects, and for testing and executing Smart City solutions.

Second, the strength of its sector makes it equipped to take greater leaps in the tech industry. It understands the know-hows of fast prototyping, thanks to their IT power exporting past.

And third, its government’s unwavering support also plays an important role in making ICT flourish, resulting to more progressive Smart City solutions. Their efforts into digitization, information system integration, and infrastructure enhancement strengthen Taiwan’s solutions, creating a conducive atmosphere for refreshing innovative ideas.

This ideal scenario makes Taiwan a global leader in Smart City Solutions, having digital technology embedded across all city functions. Its six major cities have been working collectively in building themselves as an open platform for new innovations, with each city making a name in the global scene as they receive accolades from international award-giving bodies.

Taipei (for its Smart City Lab Campaign) and New Taipei (for its City Library 2.0 project) also bagged global awards from the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) last year. Meanwhile, Chiayi, Tainan, and Taoyuan are among the top seven Intelligent Communities for 2018. This was conducted by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), the New York-based think tank.

To them, being a Smart City means more than just providing smart solutions. Their goal is to connect the country with technology centers around the world.

Smart City solutions available in our country

Here in the Philippines, there is an emerging generation of tech-savvy digital makers that comprise 69.5 million of the population. It comes as no surprise that many companies have been rolling out various technological breakthroughs from Taiwan’s best brands.

Acer Inc., for instance, brings its Acer Being Signage (ABS) for smarter retail tactics. These large screens go beyond just displaying advertisements, equipped with the intelligent camera linked via a cloud. This is now being adopted in several convenience stores nationwide and refreshes the way we look at signages – collecting data from the screen making it beneficial in generating reports to understand the intended audience better.

Meanwhile, Energy Management System Co., LTD (EMS) innovates the smart water meter through its Smart Submetering Water system that can analyze water quality and consumption. This product is designed for multi-housing management with a built-in calendar to efficiently schedule water usage, as well as manage leakage and over-consumption to prevent water loss.

Energy solutions worldwide got smarter too with Delta Electronics. With 20 years of experience in lighting power and ethernet, the company has been engineering highly efficient and reliable connected LED street lights for a safer environment. Their DeltaGrid® communication platform collects data locally from connected high-efficiency LED street lights and sends it to cloud servers via 3G/GPRS. This system enables real-time control on power, dimming, as well as status reporting of city-wide, LED lighting networks to save energy and maintain productivity.

These are just some of the smart solutions recognized by the Taiwan Excellence Award, an initiative of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, created to enhance the innovative image of Taiwanese industries. They select the highest quality brands and products with their seal of excellence, ranging from home appliances, ICT and IOT products, smart city solutions, as well as sports and leisure.

Taiwan’s innovations turn ideas into a smart reality
Taiwan is one of the first to invest in smart technology, while other countries are slowly starting to learn from their success story. The island country has been the driving force of several business success stories around the world. This pushes the envelope in the industry and inspires other startup companies across the globe.

With fresh technologies and meaningful innovations from Taiwan at the forefront, visionaries can now turn their ideas into a smart reality. We are coming close to living the vision of improving the lives of its end-users, and in the bigger picture, enabling the way communities and countries work.

Find out more about Taiwan and the leading industry developments in the upcoming events held by Taiwan Excellence with the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in Philconstruct Manila at SMX Convention Center (November 8 to 11) and the Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone at Glorietta 2 Activity Center (November 30 to December 2).