‘CarGel’ again in real life?

Published September 24, 2018, 11:26 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

We can no longer count how many times former couple Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino has made fans swoon over their sweetness in photos and videos posted online. No wonder many pray for them to rekindle romance. Could it be?

Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban with direk Dan Villegas (Photo by Lester Ramos) /mb.com.ph
Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban with direk Dan Villegas (Photo by Lester Ramos)

“All I can say is that we’re okay,” Carlo said in Filipino. “Right now, we don’t think about, you know, romance and all. We just want to enjoy our friendship.”

Angelica agreed.

“Actually, the more they (fans) urge us, the more we will not be together,” she said. “But seriously, we want to take everything one step at a time. We don’t want to rush into things, especially these matters of the heart.”

Known to fans together as CarGel, a portmanteau of their first names, they were lovers for six years before calling it quits. In a previous interview, he even said Angelica could have been the one.

In that press conference attended by Bulletin Entertainment in line with promotions for their new movie “Exes Baggage,” the actor explained why he visited Angelica with his parents recently that has got fans wishing on stars again.

It was purely coincidental, he said. His parents picked him up from the airport then he dropped by her place to retrieve his pet cat Sinta, which the actress cared for in his absence.

“Also my parents wanted to see Angelica’s home since they hadn’t been there before,” he explained. “She really maintained a good relationship with my family despite our breakup and I’m very thankful about that.”

Though romance between them is still unclear, Carlo said Angelica will always have a special place in his heart.

“A lot of things changed when Angelica and I became good friends. I became more patient, I learned how to value even the little things. She’s always a big part of me and I hope it remains like that in the next years to come.”

Asked to give him a message, the actress said he deserves all the blessings coming his way.

“Carlo is a good person,” she said.

The ‘Exes’

From real to reel, they star in “Exes Baggage” about two heartbroken people who find solace in one another. Their onscreen chemistry is a no-brainer, said director Dan Villegas, adding they have “a natural closeness.”

It turned out they didn’t have to adhere to script. All the lines in the movie were “hugot” from personal experience.

“From the beginning, Carlo and I along with our director became very honest with each other. Like Direk Dan told us, ‘We don’t have a final script. Let’s just see where this will take us.’ He just wanted conversational dialogues,” Angelica explained.

“Exes Baggage” may be rom-com movie, but it offers new insight on love and relationships.

“In rom-com movies, usually it’s about two people who separated because the guy or the girl did something wrong. But what if nothing wrong happened (yet they still parted ways)? The challenge was how to balance the scale between two innocent people. It’s up to the viewers to take sides,” the director explained.

They are pressured over the box-office results of the film but they try to brush the feeling aside.

“We’re really excited. Yes, we’re a bit nervous but we’re confident those who watch it will like it,” she said.

Produced by Black Sheep Productions and distributed by Star Cinema, “Exes Baggage” opens in cinemas on Sept. 26.