Two Pinoys in McDonald’s poster prank now official marketing models

Published September 19, 2018, 4:03 PM

by AJ Siytangco

By MB Online

Two Filipinos behind the viral McDonald’s poster prank were made official campaign models by the American fast food chain.


YouTuber Jevh Maravilla and his friend Christian Toledo made headlines after putting up a poster of them at a wall of a McDonald’s branch in Pearland, Texas.

The poster was only taken down after two months since that branch had to be renovated.

TV show host Ellen De Generes, who interviewed the two, announced the good news during her show.

“McDonald’s loves customers like you and they’re committed to diversity and they want to represent all their customers so they’re gonna use the two of you for a marketing campaign,” Degeneres told Maravilla and Toledo.

Aside from a McDonald’s campaign, Degeneres also put up an edited poster of her with the two Pinoys outside their studio.

“First of all congratulations that you got away with this.,” De Generes told Maravilla and Toleda.

Maravilla told De Generes that he and Toledo go to McDonald’s pretty often and that always sit on the same spot where they hang up their photo.

“We saw all these other posters up there and we saw that there’s different ethnicity so we decided to represent ourselves as Asians to be up there as well,” Marvilla told television host.

“[The blank wall] was kind of inviting us to put something,” Toledo added.

The Filipino Youtuber added that he was inspired by “Crazy Rich Asians” to push for Asian representation — in their favorite McDonald’s branch, at least.

McDonald’s, for their part, expressed some “lovin” for the two pranksters on Twitter.

“You guys earned this dream. Looking forward to more work from the best “Regional Interior Coordinators” we’ve ever had!”