'Aliens' host mulls show's supposition

Published September 12, 2018, 10:14 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Do aliens exist? This question has baffled humans and has caused debates for centuries.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Photos by Manny Llanes/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Photo by Manny Llanes/Manila Bulletin)

History’s top-rating science-fiction series “Ancient Aliens” explores the theory that extra-terrestrials have been visiting the Earth for millions of years.

However, in a recent interview with Bulletin Entertainment, host Giorgio A. Tsoukalos categorically said he doesn’t believe it.

“I would not be doing this show if there would be one iota of doubt that their existence is real,” he said.

“But I think even people who are not into extra-terrestrials should watch ‘Ancient Aliens’ because it’s a beautiful show. The information presented in it – who knows you may learn something by just watching.”

What does he think of the debate the show has generated?

“In the end, each individual has to be ready by themselves to either entertain the idea or accept the idea (of the existence of aliens),” he maintained.

“So that’s not up to me—it’s up to them,”

Giorgio is the leading expert and co-executive producer of History’s “Ancient Aliens: The Series (2009-2016)” and publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world’s leading Ancient Astronaut research journal. He has been called “a hybrid of Carl Sagan and Indiana Jones,” and he’s been changing the way the world thinks about Ancient Astronaut Theory since 1998.

As one of the world’s foremost Ancient Astronaut experts, he has been featured in countless media appearances (History, National Geographic, SyFy, Coast to Coast AM, The Joe Rogan Experience), and many other international television and radio programs, reporting on the latest discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field.

Giorgio’s research expeditions have taken him around the world and he is one of only a few people to have visited and explored nearly every mysterious ancient site on Earth.

“Some of the criticism I had received or the show had received is that ‘You know ‘Ancient Aliens’ is great but how come you guys never show any evidence?’ And I’m like are you really watching the show? The show is all about evidence for ancient extra-terrestrials visitation and also modern day extra-terrestrials visitation. So you know the evidence is being presented,” he shared.

“In my opinion, there’s not one single piece of evidence because it’s about the big picture. Like, if you create a puzzle, you don’t have to finish the puzzle in order to actually see the bigger picture because it crystallizes as you create the puzzle,” he pointed out. “In any court of law you can win a case through proof by indication only.”

What is the relevance of the show in today’s society, we asked.

“I think ‘Ancient Aliens’ has most certainly influenced the mainstream for the past years into accepting the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. I mean I don’t remember 20 years ago reading as much about the aliens in the paper as I do today. So definitely it has shifted or that the paradigm shift has happened because of ‘Ancient Aliens.'”

He added: “Life, in the end and as we know it, is still an unresolved mystery. People are always looking for answers but we don’t have the answers to all questions.”

“Ancient Aliens” season 11 airs on History Channel Wednesdays at 9:55 p.m.