Looking forward to iOS 12 and watchOS 5

Published September 11, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Rom Feria

In a few days, Apple will be releasing the new iPhones, and along with it comes the release of the much anticipated iOS 12. Whilst much of iOS 12 features have been shown at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) a few months ago, but what exactly am I excited about with this new iOS version.

If iOS 12 beta running on an iPhone 5S is my benchmark, the performance boost that comes with this new OS is high on top of the list. The current flagship, iPhone X, is plenty fast running iOS 11, I just can’t imagine how fast it will be running iOS 12 (obviously, I have not installed iOS 12 beta on it). What is even more exciting is how fast iOS 12 will be on the model that comes after the iPhone X!

Having iOS 12 beta on my iPhone 7+ gives me a glimpse of ScreenTime at work. I love how it gives me an insight on how often I use the device. What I am looking forward to is how it will provide me with a central glimpse of how much time I use my devices — yes, the iPhones and iPad Pro. I hope that Apple finds a way to identify when I am using the AppleTV (and not my wife or kids), and add it to ScreenTime.

In addition, I am excited to see how much time my kids are actually using each application on each device. Currently, I can restrict how much time their devices can connect to the internet, and how much time they can use certain types of applications, but if they’re offline, that is when I can’t monitor them. ScreenTime answers this for me.

More Privacy Features
iOS is known for having better user data privacy protection than Android, and iOS 12 makes it even better. Next generation Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) blocks those trackers, including those Share and Comments widgets, prevents browser fingerprinting! Blocking all these privacy invading trackers is becoming the new normal.

Siri Shortcuts
I have written about Workflow, the third-party application that Apple bought. Now with iOS 12, it is even more powerful. I have several workflows ready to be imported to Siri Shortcuts. I have a few Shortcuts running on iOS 12 beta, but I can’t wait to put it through its paces when it is actually released.
When Apple releases a new iOS version, it usually comes with the next watchOS version (and tvOS, too, and sometimes, OS X). The Apple Watch is slated to be upgraded to watchOS 5 (unfortunately, Apple Watch Series 0 is no longer upgradeable). I have not touched the watchOS 5 beta, so I am super excited to get it installed on my Series 2 (might upgrade this year, too). Here’s a couple of reasons to get excited with the new watchOS 5:

Advanced Running Metrics
Whilst I don’t run marathons, (well, I don’t run at all — I walk and jog) the new Cadence and Pace metrics are heaven-sent. If only Apple will give us Target Heart Rate monitoring on the next update to watchOS 5, it will complete my requirements.

Apple Podcast
I use Apple Music on the Apple Watch blasting thru a BeatsX when I do my workouts in the morning. I used to have the iPhone with me and listen to podcasts via Overcast. However, I started to leave the iPhone at home. This new podcast support will allow me to keep up with my podcasts during workouts. Fortunately, this is not exclusive to Apple Podcast — I can’t wait for Overcast to have offline support on the Apple Watch, too.

Better Siri
The new “Raise to Speak” feature eliminates the need to say “Hey Siri” — easier interaction! A better Siri also means better Siri watch face, with third-party application support. And oh, don’t forget about triggering Siri Shortcuts.
How about you — what are you excited about with the new iOS 12 and watchOS 5?