Not your ordinary powerbanks

Published September 10, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By: Jonathan Kevin Castillo

The name iWalk has some really interesting electronics to have around. Among them, which is now a necessity, is the mobile charging device. In the Manila Bulletin TechLab, we have three unique and stylish powerbanks we used, to our satisfaction, for two weeks. And the past two weeks gave us the juices we need to power up our bagful of gadgets. We love iWalk.

iWalk Trio 2

Trio 2
Labeled as a “premier” powerbank with 10,000mAh, this can charge both iOS and Android devices with Type C ports. You don’t have to worry about bringing extra cables with you as the Trio 2 has built-in Type C and lightning cables. The powerbank supports quick charging for itself and to the devices it will be connected to. The most striking thing about the Trio 2 is the diamond pattern design, which gives it a bit style to match with your smartphone. There is also a small screen on the Trio 2 that gives information about the remaining power’s percentage, plus the number of volts being currently used.

iWalk Scorpion X

Scorpion X
If you are a power user who has multiple devices: Laptops, an Android and an iOS device, then maybe you should take a quick look at the Socrpion X. It’s an 8000mAh powerbank with four cables: Type C, microUSB, lightning, and standard USB. If you’re a holder of multiple devices, then you should know the Scorpion X allows simultaneous charging.

iWalk Chic10000PD

Chic 10000PD
This 10,000mAh powerbank is built with a metallic case. It supports fast charging and you can charge two devices at the same time. It also has four light indicators to let you know when it’s running low on charge. Like the other powerbanks, power output automatically adjusts to 5V devices, allowing a safer charge.

These powerbanks are slim with short cables, allowing versatile mobility while they are connected to a device. They can all fit in the pocket at ease and have comfortable grips while looking stylish. You can check out these devices at Gizmo Central and E Phone.