Tense Exit

Published September 8, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Just when the public thought everything was fine according to their public relations team, the professionalism of Seasoned Talent (ST) was tested unexpectedly. Unfortunately, ST failed.

(Illustration by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph
(Illustration by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin)

Sometime ago, ST was dragged into a rumor involving Creative Celebrity (CC) and Pretty Actress (PA). The rumor alleged that CC and PA got too cozy with each other while doing a project. However, the story became juicier when the said incident was a mere continuation of something that could have happened between the two long before they were committed.

Such rumor reached the camp of ST and every detail was laughed at and denied. No one would dare believe that CC would be capable of unfaithfulness, especially toward someone like ST. Hence, the rumor died a natural death and ST’s camp and network thought everything would no longer matter in time.

With that, all should have been well between ST and PA. Yet someone noticed that something was still amiss when the opportunity came for ST and PA to meet in the workplace. As a known performer, PA found herself along the corridor and walking toward ST. Instinctively, PA smiled at ST, who walked away and did not flinch at the presence of PA. PA went to her assigned dressing room to prepare for her number.

On the show, the role of ST is to interview a celebrity after he/she has performed a number. Usually, the guest performers have a show to plug or are present to express gratitude to a network show that is ending. The production team, thinking that nothing is wrong, gave the cue cards to ST for PA’s live interview.

As soon as ST found out what she was going to do, she gave a stern refusal to have anything to do with PA. The production team was surprised because her behavior is opposite of what the PR machine has been spreading. Besides, the alleged rumor was eons ago so if it were false, then why was ST hesitant?

Not only was she hesitant, but ST allegedly walked out to avoid possible prodding.

‘I probably complicate things unnecessarily now just to give the illusion of professionalism.’ – Henry Thomas

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