Published September 4, 2018, 6:29 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Just months after publicly revealing he has a non-showbiz girlfriend, teen star Jairus Aquino is more open talking about her.

Jairus with her non-showbiz girlfriend Nichole Ramos (Instagram) /mb.com.ph
Jairus with her non-showbiz girlfriend Nichole Ramos (Instagram)

In a recent interview, he said their relationship is “serious” and going smoothly. And despite that they come from different worlds, they click.

What if she eventually enters show business, we asked.

“It depends on her but she’s very interested in what I do,” he said. “I think given the opportunity she would love to do that. I can’t answer for her but one thing is for sure, I’m here to support her in anything she wants to do.”

Jairus shared they met through his non-showbiz best friend and a year after becoming friends, things leveled up between them.

He likes it that they have a lot in common, including having surfing and hiking as hobbies.

“She also wants to try trekking, so hopefully we could do that together soon,” he said. “She’s really easy to be with; she’s very game with different activities.”

Has he ever experienced heartbreak? Yes.

“And the lesson there is to love yourself before loving anyone. You could give her everything but you must also reserve for yourself,” he said.

The petmalus

Jairus stars in the barkada movie “Petmalu.” The word means “malupit” or awesome in English.

Jairus was asked relevant questions. Like, what’s the craziest thing he has ever done for a girl?

“I accompanied her to and from the grand ball. Even though I was not invited, I still dressed up and just waited for her outside until the event was finished,” he shared.

Some of the cast of ‘Petmalu’ (mb.com.ph)
Some of the cast of ‘Petmalu’

He considers Jericho Rosales and John Lloyd Cruz as “petmalu” actors. As for singers, Bruno Mars gets his vote. Cagers? Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry.

Jairus considers his first big screen project “Resiklo” from 2007 as most memorable. An unforgettable gift from a fan was a Siberian Husky.

How about the best advice from his parents?

“Keep yourself grounded. Love your work and the people around you.”

The actor said his character in “Petmalu” is “very intriguing,” one from whom people can learn a lot.

The title comes from the initials of the name of the characters in the film. The schoolmates form a group and join a singing contest.

Also in the movie are Mario Mortel, Charles Kieron, Diego Loyzaga, Brian Gazmen, Vitto Marquez, Michelle Vito, Vivoree Esclito, Karen Reyes, Yayo Aguila, William Martinez, Sue Prado, Richard Quan, Mitoy Yonting, Marissa Sanchez, Ronnie Liang, Dennis Padilla, Irma Adlawan, and Arlene Muhlach.

“Petmalu” is produced by Red Nine Entertainment and distributed by Larger Than Life Studios. The film is directed by Joven Tan.