Secret encounter

Published September 1, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

The staff of a show is wondering about the alleged relationship developing between Network Talent 1 (NT1) and Network Talent 2 (NT2).

Secret Encounter (Illustrations by Rod Cañalita) /
Secret Encounter (Illustrations by Rod Cañalita)

One time, as NT1 and the production team were getting ready for a show, NT2 knocked at the door of NT1. He was not a guest performer so people were surprised to see him there.

As soon as NT1 saw NT2 arrive, he seemed less nervous and felt lighter. The other people in the room kept to their tasks and did not mind the arrival of NT2. However, they were suddenly halted. NT1 asked everyone in the room to leave, as he wanted to have privacy with NT2. Of course, the ones who were in the room were shocked as they did not even know the two were that close for NT1 to demand privacy. Something seemed amiss, but the incident could be confirming what most have been suspecting in the past years.

NT2 has been in the entertainment industry for quite a time and like NT1, he is skilled at entertaining people. After showing his capabilities as a talent, the network has remained supportive. Even in his relationships, NT2’s image was that of the boy-next-door type. He projected that he was a good catch, but his relationships often ended after a year or so.

Apparently, NT2 was too nice. In his last relationship, NT2’s presence was hardly felt. He was not that assertive and treated His Girlfriend (HG) more like a friend. He was not as touchy nor as affectionate. HG is attractive and so were his former partners, but somehow, NT2 was not quite interested beyond the usual wholesome forms of intimacy. HG thought NT2 might just be conservative, but nothing changed. Thus, the breakup happened.

With NT1’s actions toward NT2, the suspicion that they might have the same preferences became louder. NT2 has long been questioned about his choices and his “softness.” However, no one would dare ask as his management team is influential and can spew a mouthful when faced with such questions.

‘When you’ve worked as hard as I have to form your identity, the last thing you want is to blur where you end and someone else begins.’ – Amanda de Cadenet

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Paranoia is real

Word has it that Controversial Celebrity (CC) fired Industry Newbie (IN), who was working as an apprentice in one of her businesses, for undisclosed reasons. When IN got accepted into the team of CC, she was excited as everyone who wants to enter the business knows that CC is one of the best in her profession. Naturally, IN showed her amiable side and was friendly to everyone. However, IN seemed to be too friendly that it made a Senior Staff (SS) extra observant.

Paranoia Is Real (Illustration by Rod Canalita) /
Paranoia Is Real

While CC seems to be enjoying the best of her personal and professional worlds, certain matters continue to hound her in both areas. When she hinted that she has a very special relationship with Dashing Man (DM), several questions were thrown at her. Like most celebrities, CC let them pass and kept quiet. One time, DM came over to the office of CC. As she was busy, IN took the initiative to serve the needs of DM. So, she prepared him coffee and eventually, they started to talk and DM even asked for her number.

Later, DM called the office and IN was on duty. SS assumed that something was happening between DM and IN as they were engaged in serious talk. SS realized the two had been talking prior to the call. Subsequently, SS, trying to butter up to the boss, told CC what happened. Without giving IN the benefit of doubt, fired her without telling her the reason.

In her circle, IN was still at a loss, but then, as an intern, she knew she could be removed any time. When the theory of jealousy came up, IN explained to her friends that DM and one of his late relatives very close friends from way back, but lost track of each other. DM had no idea that her brother had already passed away and he wanted to get details, which was why they were talking.

When DM asked CC about IN, CC told him she resigned. Well, insecurity might have set in, as IN is articulate, young, and has good features. The ghost of her past might have reminded CC that what she did to the ex-partner of DM might happen to her. Paranoia is real.

‘Problems or successes, they all are the results of our own actions. Karma. The philosophy of action is that no one else is the giver of peace or happiness. One’s own karma, one’s own actions are responsible to come to bring either happiness or success or whatever.’ – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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