Police kills one of two shooting suspects in Caloocan

Published September 1, 2018, 7:38 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Minka Klaudia Tiangco

One of the two suspects in a shooting incident was killed in a police encounter on Saturday midnight in Caloocan City.

Police identified the slain suspect as a certain “Julio.” Meanwhile, his cohort, only identified as “Batman” managed to evade arrest when he fled towards an unknown direction.

Police were conducting follow up operations on the shooting incident which transpired on Thursday, Aug. 30 along Rizal Avenue Extension, Barangay 119, Caloocan City.

Then, a certain Ian Gamit Jr. approached Caloocan police and divulged the location of the two suspects responsible for the killing of Ador Salvante and Juan Carlo Caliuag, police said.

The police encounter transpired inside an unnumbered shanty house located along an alley at 2nd Ave., BMBA compound, Barangay 120, Caloocan City.

Investigation showed that when police came to the unnumbered shanty house, Julio pulled out his gun and shot Police Officer (PO) 1 Almalt Cruz on his chest.

Fortunately, the lawman was wearing a bulletproof vest. He then retaliated along with a fellow policeman, causing Julio’s instant death.

Police retrieved a caliber .38 revolver, four fired cartridge cases, two live ammunitions of .38 caliber, and two .9mm fired cartridge cases.

Also recovered from the crime scene were 18 sachets of suspected shabu inside a cigarette box and drug paraphernalia.