TV tilt has child stars for juries

Published August 31, 2018, 10:21 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Xia Vigor, Onyok Pineda, Carlo Mendoza, Chunsa Jung, and Jayden Villegas comprise the panel of juries on talent-reality tilt “The Kids’ Choice.”

(Clockwise from upper leftmost): Robi Domingo, Eric Nicolas, Jayden Villegas, Carlo Mendoza, Xia Vigor, Chunsa Jung, and Onyok Pineda (mb.comph)
(Clockwise from upper leftmost): Robi Domingo, Eric Nicolas, Jayden Villegas, Carlo Mendoza, Xia Vigor, Chunsa Jung, and Onyok Pineda

Host Robi Domingo said, “We always see judges who are experts on certain fields or someone who are veterans in the industry but not here, so it’s fresh,” he said in Filipino.

The performers are called “Fam-bato” because they are groups of relatives. The panel of celebrity child stars is dubbed “The Just Kids League.”

Robi added the juries were picked to complement each other. True enough, he and co-host Eric Nicolas are astonished by how they think and use discernment.

“They are not blown away by things that are unusual for us adults,” he hinted.

Robi is impressed how the kids analyze the performance of the contestants.

“They are very detailed,” he said. “They even give importance to the props or the colors used.”

Thoughts of tots

The kids were asked how they feel now that they are judges themselves.

The five joined contests before. Xia was the grand winner of “It’s Showtime’s” segment “Mini Me 2;” Onyok had his stint on “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids;” and Chunsa took part in singing and impersonation competitions.

Jayden is the skater boy who was first seen on the hit TV show “Little Big Shots.” The viral child wonder Carlo shot to fame via “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

Asked what they look for in contestants, Jayden said these include a “clean” production. For Onyok, it’s jaw-dropping talent.
Xia thinks it should be talent never seen on TV and YouTube. “There are already a lot of people who can sing, who can dance, who can do magic. I want something fresh,” she noted.

Chunsa hopes that with the show featuring contestants who are family, teamwork, bond, and love would be felt in their performances.
“I want to see them enjoying their presentation,” she said. “There’s impact when you feel the love.”

Asked to name a judge outside the show that they look up to, Xia named Simon Cowell of “American Idol.” It turns out the child star likes him for being “honest” and “fair.”

“I want to be the Simon Cowell of the Philippines,” she declared.

For Onyok, he likes the “YFSFK” judge Gary Valenciano. Jayden and Carlo admire veteran rapper Andrew E. and actress-singer Anne Curtis, respectively.

Every episode, four “Fam-batos” will showcase a variety of talents to impress the kiddie judges to be proclaimed as “The Kids’ Choice.” But aside from their jaw-dropping talents, the families’ heartwarming stories will also take the spotlight as they share moments with the “Just Kids League” and impart inspiring lessons.

The juries will rank and critique the talented non-celebrity families ranging from one to four – one being the lowest, four being the highest.

“The Kids’ Choice” airs weekends on ABS-CBN.