HP optimistic on local market growth

Published August 28, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Jonnah Lynne Pante

Pallasena Viswanath - HP Philippines Managing Director (1)
Pallasena Viswanath, HP Philippines Managing Director

HP Philippines is bullish on maintaining its positive streak in its local operations as they continue to expand their product range in the country.

Taking familiarity as one of their advantages, HP Philippines has been in the country for decades already. According to HP Philippines Managing Director Pallasena Viswanath, their commitment in the Philippine market will remain strong, as the Philippines is one of the emerging markets in Asia.

“HP has been in the Philippines for many decades already so it has been a very successful venture for HP. We’ve been adding more and more solutions and capabilities as the market has been changing as well. Right now, HP in the Philippines is mirroring every bit of strategy that HP has worldwide. So if there is something available in America in terms of strategy and execution, it’s available in the Philippines as well. We are really focused on our strategy which is like the things about our growth, our future, and our core business,” Viswanath said.

“The Philippine market is one of the most fastest growing economies in Asia. We are engaged here as a local company. We’re committed to the Philippine market,” he added.

Continuous innovation

 With the deployment of 5G currently a hot topic in the local business and tech scene, Viswanath sees this as an opportunity to promote mobility and efficiency.

“With all of these megatrends that are happening, there are challenges that are coming. People have to be more efficient than before. So they need to be having access to information everywhere, and this mobility and access of information is what 5G is going to bring more,” Viswanath mentioned.

Viswanath said that the upcoming 5G technology will complement HP’s line of business as the company has been focusing on the development of their products intended for mobility such as their portable laptops.

“With that, HP is right on track on having our products and solutions which are catering towards the mobile workforce, a mobile consumer, a mobile office personnel, and a mobile student,” he furthered.

Aside from collaborative mobile offerings, HP is also known for their printing specialties. Among the latest under this department that they brought in the country is their 3D printing solutions including the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 and the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210 which will lessen production time and cost.

“HP’s 3D printing ushers in a new era for print in the Philippines with its cutting-edge technology. HP’s leadership to ignite an ecosystem and accelerate 3D printed production-ready applications will transform the future of manufacturing with faster innovation cycles, shorter supply chains and reduced capital costs. This effort is paving way for the fully digital future of global enterprise and industries including healthcare,” Viswanath said.

Seamless security

 In a report released by Ponemon Institute, an alarming 88 percent of visual hacking attempts were done successfully resulting to sensitive data breach. The study also found out that it only took 15 minutes to complete 45 percent of the visual hacking attempts.

Recognizing this, HP Philippines integrated an interesting feature on their latest range of laptops intended to combat visual hacking. Dubbed as SureView, this said feature when activated using a function key covers a user’s entire laptop display with a screen filter in such a way that people beside the user won’t be able to see a thing on the screen. This prevents visual hacking by allowing display visibility only to the person in front of the laptop screen.

Viswanath shared that the SureView feature is available in HP’s Elite and Spectre laptop and desktop range.

Reaching out

 Aiding in the realization of digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises, HP also has a lineup of solutions for the said group.

“We provide small and medium-sized businesses with secured and hassle-free products. We provide them with collaboration solutions which are very easy for them to collaborate and look bigger than what they have,” Viswanath said.

Viswanath also shared about HP’s Device as a Service (DaaS) solution that helps SMB have their own IT infrastructure handled by HP through one product. This one-stop solution from HP promotes IT efficiency, boost employee productivity, all while minimizing operation cost.

“HP started something that is called Device as a Service and it is available here in the Philippines. With this, they can  buy infrastructure as a service on a monthly basis. This is also available for SMB customers,” he added.

HP also started the ‘entreHPreneur’ campaign last year with the objective of addressing SMBs particularly startups and freelancers’ tech and innovation needs. Among HP’s partners include PenBrothers and Ideaspace where entreHPreneur hubs are located.