Experience Vietnam through Propaganda Bistro

Published August 16, 2018, 5:39 PM

by James A. Loyola

By Rokey Desingaño

Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro opens its first branch outside Vietnam here in Makati, Philippines. Originating from the heart of Saigon, authentic Vietnamese cuisine is now ready to be indulged by its Filipino patrons. Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro makes it their goal to use traditional ingredients with a twist, to bring a modern flair to their dishes.


A wall-sized mural art welcomes you upon entering the restaurant. The encompassing vibrant hues present at every spot can also be seen in the littlest things like their table napkins and coasters. It represents Vietnamese propaganda art style prominent in their culture that takes on a full experience that goes beyond dining.



What makes Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro special? “We don’t use any additive and preservatives. Everything is made from scratch. So we use fresh ingredients to maintain the authenticity,” Avigail Chua, Managing director of Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro Philippines says.

“We serve comfort food in a healthy way, so, you’re eating healthy food without feeling like you’re on a diet,” Chua added.



Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro says that it is possible to eat healthier even with the generous amount of servings and here’s why:



We’re not talking about Vietnam if spring rolls are not part of the menu. These Fresh prawn spring rolls are filled with simple yet flavorful ingredients like fresh prawns, Julienne vegetables, rice noodles, and coriander fish sauce to go with it.



The PROPAGANDA edamame salad is not your typical salad with greens. It’s mixed with organic black rice topped with homemade citrus-soy tofu and crunchy vegetables.



The classic Pâte bánh mi bursts with flavors stuffed with braised pork and floss, few herbs such as cilantro and pickled vegetables. It is very satisfying to bite into the baguette and chew on the tender meat with crunchy vegetables, showered with chili mayo for a kick.



PROPAGANDA “bûn” is the ultimate guilt-free comfort food that is filled with homemade fried egg, tofu with special ginger chili, topped with peanuts for crunch. Definitely hearty with every bite.



Phó is one of the most famed dishes in Vietnam and they brought a version here called it Chicken Phó. It has a light, refreshing and smooth flavorful broth with enough saltiness to it. It’s pho-ntastic, indeed!



The Huê rice noodle soup has an intense flavor with beef broth being its main ingredient. Adding fresh greens and bean sprout to the dish redeemed the balance of taste. It soothes an adventurous’ appetite.



It’s not an Asian dish without fried rice for the main dish. The Crunchy tri-colored rice bowl is a palatable dish with crunchy black rice, BBQ chicken, and vegetables topped with a fried egg.



Desserts! There are Homemade Soursop and Palm Sugar flavors for patrons who like ice cream and Homemade Frozen Banana and Coconut Bar for people with an acquired taste for tropical-flavored ice cream cakes.



To complete the Vietnamese experience, a Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk also known as Cà phê sữa đá is perfect for an afternoon break. Coffee is life, can’t argue with that.

Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro is changing the game of the Filipino food scene by bringing spices of Vietnamese cuisine to our market. Experience all of it their branch at Greenbelt 5, Makati City.