Albayalde dares Cebu mayor Osmeña to give police hitmen list

By Aaron Recuenco

Philippine National Police Director Oscar Albayalde dared Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena to submit the names of alleged police hitmen on his list in order to warrant a formal investigation after the mayor alleged that the PNP deployed police hitman to Cebu to reinforce the government's anti-drug campaign.

PNP CHIEF DIR GEN. Oscar Albayalde, speaks during a press conferecne about the recently concluded Barangay and SK Election 2018, at the PNP National Election Monitoring Center (NEMAC) at Camp Crame in Quezon City, May 15 2018. According to the PNP, the election is generally peaceful. (Mark Balmores) PNP CHIEF DIR GEN. Oscar Albayalde (Mark Balmores/ MANILA BULLETIN)

“It’s better for him not to keep it for himself. He should give it to us and we will validate it,” said Albayalde.

“If there are indeed policemen involved, then he should neither keep it nor tell the media. He should give it to us and we assure the good mayor that we will investigate it,” he added.

The official was reacting to the statement of Osmena about the deployment of police hitmen in Cebu, the most recent was the deployment of Supt. Lito Patay to the Central Visayas Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

It was recalled that Osmena’s trusted police ally was recently killed in Bohol allegedly for involvement in illegal drugs but the mayor refuted the allegation against the slain cop.

Recently, a policeman was also involved in an alleged attempt to assassinate a local official of Cebu but it was the bodyguard of the mayor who was charged instead.

Albayalde said the assignment of Patay to Cebu is a regular circulation of police officials as part of their career path. Patay is a known trusted man of former national police chief Ronald dela Rosa.

During his assignment in Batasan Hills in Quezon City, several killings of suspected drug pushers and users in the area were being attributed to him and his group of cops from Davao City.

“It is normal in our organization especially if he deserves a promotion. It is unlikely that an official is just assigned in one particular area for the rest of his career,” said Albayalde.

“This is because we have a career ladder that must be followed,” he added.