Rock your music, rock your style with JBL wireless headphones

Published August 14, 2018, 6:39 PM


Regardless of the season, keep your world rockin’ and your style hippin’ in tip-top shape with music that fits your every activity and mood.

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That’s the message of JBL, maker of wireless headphones, who promises to keep your music playing by making sure that you have headphones that won’t fall off no matter what you’re doing with its high-end, wireless headphones, ear buds and in-ear headphones.

JBL headphones not only deliver top-notch performance and spectacular sound, but will also feel comfortable or look ultra-stylish when you hit the road or when you just feel like chillin’ at home during the weekends.

For the sporty bunch, going for blistering runs or long workouts at the gym and keeping the music playing is no joke, so you’d want headphones that will practically stick to you and won’t fall while you sweat it out. The JBL Response and Contour headphones both fit the bill.

The JBL Response and Contour wireless headphones come packed with features. One of them is the sweat-proof design comes in handy, especially to the active person.

The signature JBL sound is present in each unit, and the promise of a secure fit and ease of use are encouraging elements. Whatever the routine– change the music, answer calls –the JBL Response and Contour’s signature Touch Control technology allows a seamless transition to any function.

For the person who likes to hear the sound that moves him or her even while on the move, the JBL E45BT and the JBL E55BT on-ear wireless headphones are a must for it fits right into the ear.

One of JBL’s most versatile products – the JBL E45BT – boasts of up to 16 hours of battery life with a two-hour recharge time. Amp up the entertainment and fun factor while commuting, working out or weaving way around town—with its innovative and stylish fabric headband and ergonomic on-ear design.

Switch from music to answering a phone call with ease, plus the convenience of a detachable cable with remote and microphone.

Though similar to its JBL E45BT sibling in many aspects, the JBL E55BT has a slightly longer battery life of 20 hours and still emphasizes the fashion quotient with its chic fabric headband. The signature JBL sound will continue to mesmerize you regardless of your lifestyle pickings, sound that you can control right at the ear cup itself for total effortlessness and convenience.

Finally, the JBL E55BT QE headphones is not just one great-sounding listening device. The superb quality of the JBL signature sound was enhanced even further by the personal touch of award-winning and legendary music producer Quincy Jones to make it even more awesome.

JBL Fest 2018
Want to rock your music and style even further? Get to experience it at this year’s biggest music spectacle, the JBL Fest 2018.

Be one of the five lucky winners who will fly to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to witness JBL Fest 2018.

A purchase of the JBL Response, JBL Contour, the E45 BT, E55 BT, the E55 BT QE, and any other JBL, Harman Kardon, or AKG products at all participating JBL concept stores, kiosks or authorized dealers nationwide until August 31, 2018 will give you a chance to get there!

To qualify, go to and register to get a raffle entry that corresponds to the amount of product purchased. The JBL Fest 2018 promo is open to all JBL customers in the Philippines with a valid passport and US visa. Winners can only win once and will be responsible for the processing of required travel documents. Travel date will be in October 2018.

The JBL Fest 2018 is a sizzling musical event that will happen at the world’s entertainment capital and is all set to rock it out to the beat of JBL’s one-of-a-kind signature sound. Top-billed by chart-topping American rapper Pit Bull and award-winning English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, this slam-bang affair will surely captivate music lovers all over the world.

For more information on the JBL Fest 2018 promo and the chance to fly to Las Vegas, Nevada, visit the JBL Facebook page, or follow them at Instagram (@jblph). Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10373 Series of 2018.