PRRD, Inday Sara, Elizabeth have bromeliads named after them

Published August 13, 2018, 6:48 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Yas Ocampo

DAVAO CITY — The Bromeliad Society International has named three varieties of Bromeliad to three members of the Duterte family in simple ceremonies held during the opening of this year’s 33rd Kadayawan Agro-Trade Fair along Quimpo Boulevard, Monday afternoon.

(Keith Bacongco/ MANILA BULLETIN)
(Keith Bacongco/ MANILA BULLETIN)

President Rodrigo Duterte, ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte, and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte were honored by new cultivars of Bromeliad, upon the application of local cultivator Joan Onari.

According to a copy of the register, the plants were named Neoregelia ‘Rody Duterte’, Neoregelia ‘Inday Sara,’ and Neoregelia ‘Elizabeth Duterte.’

The ‘Rody Duterte’ plant was described in the registry # 13584 as a “mature open rosette to 50 cm. diameter x 30 cm high.” It has broad, black-spined, bronze-green leaves with sepia black tips and reddish-brown concentric cross-banding; and a hot pink central cup at blooming.

The ‘Inday Sara’ variety is described as a “mature, open rosette to 34 cm diameter x 26 cm. high. It has “broad, light green inner leaves with rosy red, random patches and partial concentric rings plus rounded, indented bright leaf tips.”

The outer foliage portions of the Inday Sara Bromeliad are layered and turn bright fuchsia pink and has a register number 14854.

Neoregelia ‘Elizabeth Duterte,’ meanwhile, is described in Register No. 13967 as a “mature, open rosette to 65 cm. diameter x 48 cm. high.”

In strong light, the plant turns fuchsia pink, and has glossy broad leaves with a deeper pink cup when blooming.

Onari, in an interview with the Manila Bulletin, said that the flowers are her nursery’s gift to the influence of the family.

Asked what it felt like to have a living being named after her, Zimmerman-Duterte told Manila Bulletin she was humbled by the act and honored to be chosen as a name of the Bromeliad variety.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Undersecretary Evelyn Lavina told cultivators to be part of the drafting of a future floricultural road map, adding that there would be no point to raising the varieties if there was nowhere to go, despite the niche of the plants.

Lavina was among the guests at Monday’s opening ceremonies.

The Agriculture official also had a bromeliad named after her.