AER calls for immediate passage of UHC bill

By Analou De Vera

A civic society group has urged the immediate passage of the Universal Health Care (UHC) bill.

The Action for Economic Reforms (AER) group said that the UHC is a landmark reform for the country.

 Action for Economic Reforms  (photo courtesy of Facebook) Action for Economic Reforms (photo courtesy of Facebook)

"Passing the bill would help address many of the problems our health system is currently faced with,” said Jo-Ann Diosana, AER’s fiscal policy coordinator.
Diosana said that under the UHC, all essential outpatient services will be covered, including consultations, medicines, diagnostics, and laboratory services, which will be beneficial for the public.

"Having primary care as the anchor of the health system will ensure that all Filipinos will be cared for by a primary care provider, who will be ready to provide consultations free of charge," said Diosana.

"This would greatly reduce out-of-pocket spending, and prevent cases of Filipinos refusing to seek treatment for their ailments because they do not have enough money,” she added.

President Duterte has urged lawmakers to swiftly pass the UHC bill during his third State of the Nation Address.