NPAs are robots fighting for bankrupt mind – Duterte

Published July 30, 2018, 7:55 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Argyll Cyrus Geducos

Only days after saying that he is not giving up on peace with communist rebels, President Duterte has compared members of the New People’s Army (NPA) to robots who are fighting for nothing but one corrupt mind.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (KING RODRIGUEZ/Presidential Photo / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

President Duterte made the statement days after he said that there is still a chance for the peace talks between the government and the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) to resume but not in the near future.

Duterte, in a speech in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, claimed that the NPA has been working overtime, has become arrogant anew, and is looking for war.

“I know that the NPAs are working over time… And you’re starting to be arrogant again and you want war. So another 50 years of slaughtering your own countrymen,” he said Monday.

“If that is what you want and you stymie the development of this nation not for you but for your children and your grandchildren now, it’s your take. Whatever you want, then so be it,” he added.

According to Duterte, the NPA’s should start reflecting on what they believe in as the President said that the armed group has been fighting for nothing but the ideals of CPP founder Joma Sison who is not even in the country.

“I mean Sison is there… Do you believe in the — what is in his head? I listened to him and I believed him many years ago. But you know there is always a time to reflect and review what we have in this life. You have been doing it for 50 years. You have stymied the ambitions of the people,” he said.

“Wala naman talaga ‘yan si Sison (Sison is really nothing). Unreasoned position. They cannot really carry a fight,” he added.

“When you’re able to shoot somebody, kill civilians, kill soldiers, for nothing. For nothing. Not even an ideology. There is actually none at all,” he continued.

The Chief Executive also compared the NPAs to robots who move at the wave of the hand of Sison.

“You’re fighting for a bankrupt mind. Isang tao lang ang nag-iisip (It’s only one person who is coming up with all this). There’s only one person using his goddamn gray matter between his ear. Para kayong robot, kung ano ‘yung inuutos (You are like robots which obey at any order),” he said.

“Kayo, mga robot (You robots), it’s all, what? 50 years? Everybody dies. Ikaw, in a bad day, naengkwentro mo mga marines at mga pulis, it’s either you or sila (In a bad day, if you encounter the marines and the police, it’s either you or them). And that is your life story,” he added.

The President also said that he does not want to kill his fellow Filipinos, especially if it is over a worthless fight.

“So what’s the point of killing people, killing the police, for what? For nothing. And you have not been able to realize even in a scale of one to ten, hanggang 1.1 lang kayo hanggang ngayon (that you are just a 1.1 until now),” Duterte said.

“And yet you insist on fighting government. Ako ayaw kong pumatay ng Pilipino (I don’t want to kill a Filipino). Be very sure of that, ayaw ko talaga (I really don’t want to). And the Moro. And I appeal to them–you enjoy killing your own countrymen? Is that what you want?” he added.

Duterte, meanwhile, appealed to the people in Cagayan to not be influenced by the NPAs, but instead work hard to get out of poverty.

“Kayong mga taga-rito kung maniwala kayo sa NPA, hindi kayo lalabas dito (Those who are from here, if you believe in the NPA, you will never get out of this place),” he said.

“If you do not shape up, we will never get from the rot of poverty. You will just have to trust government,” he added.

After cancelling the peace talks in November last year, Duterte decided to give the negotiations with the Reds another try in March this year. However, CPP founder thumbed down one of Duterte’s conditions that the talks should be held in the country.

CPP founder Joma Sison also said that the Reds would no longer talk of peace with the government under the leadership of President Duterte, and would instead support efforts to oust him.