Sister: My 25 wishes on your 25th birthday

By Alex M. Eduque

Yesterday, my younger sister celebrated her 25th birthday. I remember welcoming mine – what a milestone I thought it was because I had finally reached my mid-twenties. Oh indeed, the things we think in our yester younger years. While I do remember how I welcomed and celebrated my twenty-fifth, I don’t quite remember feeling any wiser or any older than I did the day before. But what I do remember is setting a list of goals out for myself that I wished to fulfill. And while I have crossed quite a bit off my list, there are many that are still a work in progress, some of which I have not even begun to uncover, and some which sprouted out of nowhere along the way. But such is life. You work with the flowers that bloom on your sidewalk, the lemons that are thrown your way, and you make every day count. What matters most in the end is how you choose to live, how much you choose to love, and that you did so without any ounce of regret.

Wishing for others, I’ve always found, is just as special as dreaming for yourself. Sometimes, it’s even more spectacular because you get to see their lives from a totally different point of view, and it’s just so much more interesting to see whether or not things will pan out the way you think it will for them. It’s also a test of how much you know that person, and above all, how much you care about that person’s success and welfare. On my sister’s 25th, I have taken the liberty of listing down 25 of my greatest wishes for her – she may choose to filter through them, embrace them or ignore them. But in the end, these are the prayers that lay deep in my heart, for one of my nearest, dearest and most favorite people on this earth:

  1. May your loyalty never falter, and your honesty never waver.

  2. May you learn to discern more closely, and only allow those worthwhile, and truly worth your time into your life. But, may you also be more open-minded to forming new acquaintances – you may be surprised to find that some of your best friendships will stem from the unknown and the most surprising.

  3. May you stay true to who you are no matter who life faces you with.

  4. May you gain the courage and strength to face your fears and anxieties head on.

  5. May you learn to believe in yourself so that you become even more less dependent on others.

  6. May you find true love, and may the right love for you find you. And when you do, and when it does, may it teach you to value yourself, to never compromise your dignity or values; to recognize (and in instances embrace) imperfection, but to always demand the best.

  7. May you continue to channel your creative energies toward the common good.

  8. May you persevere, and give your heart wholeheartedly in all that you set out to do.

  9. May you leave a mark in this world, and may it be something you will forever be proud of.

  10. May you live to please and content yourself – with less worries, anxieties and doubts.

  11. May you learn to count your blessings and talents more prominently than your shortcomings, and the challenges that come your way – because only then will the grass seem greener on your side of the fence.

  12. May you find it in yourself step out of your comfort zone, because there is still so much of the world waiting to be explored. You have only come across a fraction of reality, and there is still so much more waiting to be discovered.

  13. May the best man win. And may he know the adventure he’s in for.

  14. May you seize every moment of every day to hike to new heights and create new adventures for yourself, in whatever path you choose to take.

  15. May you learn to make more of your own decisions because only then will you feel liberty at its truest.

  16. May you question yourself less, and condition yourself to think you can do more.

  17. May you open up your world to allow your horizons to expand. Allow yourself the opportunity to meet new people – learn from them, laugh with them and you may even eventually learn to love (some of) them.

  18. Keep exploring the world, and take note of the things that inspire you, and matter to you the most. Then see what you can make out of it.

  19. Keep on discovering your passions – you’ll be surprised to see how far it can fuel you, and what great things it can lead you to.

  20. May you worry less, and learn to live in the moment more.

  21. May chocolates and all the sweetness and sweets continue to find their way to you, and may you continue to appreciate the smallest tidbits of happiness this world has to offer.

  22. May your patience and faith grow infinitely.

  23. Keep being the friend that you are to others because the energy you manifest to the world will only come find you back.

  24. May you never loose focus on what it is you are meant to do;

  25. May you always find purpose and meaning in whatever it is you set your mind and heart out to do. Be mindful of every undertaking, and do not ever forget to keep gratitude at your very core.

Happiest of Birthdays, dearest Mic. May this world continue to be kind to you, and in the moments when it decides to be cruel, may you always be shielded by your own bravery that lies deep within; that tough warrior-like heart of yours. You’ve always been a fighter, and you were born to survive. May you continue to explore this world with that zest for life you have been blessed with since day one. I pray for you every day – that the good Lord may continue to let the sun shine bright on all the good things you set your heart out to do. Twenty-five is just the beginning, may your take-off be smooth sailing, and may this year lead you to soar to new heights and to places you’ve never been to before.