Published July 28, 2018, 8:23 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Local drama soap operas usually center on female leads but not “Halik.” Jericho Rosales plays Lino, the centerpiece of the latest ABS-CBN teleserye.


“In a way it is groundbreaking because it’s from the perspective of a guy that’s being tackled,” said Jericho.
“Some shows depict guys as womanizers. But here, my character is trying his best to actually know the right thing to do and how to do it. The difficult part is trying to understand why my character is so hell-bent in doing the right thing when all options are there for him.

“He has a clear stance. He doesn’t want to do foolish things. He is so straight living that it causes him problems. The message of my character is that there’s nothing beautiful in life that can be achieved easily.”
Doing the character is a challenge because “it shows a lot of struggle from within which I am so interested in working on.”

“I’m always having this creative discussions, sometimes, arguments, healthy conversations on the set because we wanted to go deeper and deeper into the lines, to the sequences,” he added.

“I think people forget that it (sexy) is the most difficult scene to do whether in films or on soap operas. They forget that there are camera men, staff, audiomen, continuity director, assistant director around.
“Besides, sometimes the environment can get hot and dirty. It takes a lot to prepare for (a love scene). I respect my directors for mounting scenes like these that will not come out cheap, ugly or out of context.”
He said there are a lot of preparations for this kind of scene.

“When you want to make love with someone, this (motioning to his head), should get excited first. So, if you actually have something in your head, like, ‘This is the context of our lovemaking,’ then the scene would come out easy to do.”

Healthy competition
Jericho admitted there is some sort of “competition” between himself and co-star Sam Milby.

“Of course, there is. We have to perform. We give our best. But the best thing about it is we work together. I just don’t go out there and say, ‘I’ll do this to surprise Sam.’ We work on the scenes together. We actually discuss how to do things.

“Sometimes, Sam would ask for some tips from me. And then I would ask him ‘Sam, what do you think about this?’ ‘Maybe we should do this.’ It’s very collaborative. And I’d rather work with a collaborative person than an amazing actor who doesn’t wanna work with his co-stars.”

Aware that “we cannot please everybody,” the actor welcomes growth.

“I would always say, ‘Let’s do it this way, let’s change our attack on this one.’ But there’s a place for it. I am happy there’s TV and soap operas because I have a feeling that someday soon it’s gonna get phased out.
“Just look at the internet, the iFlix, the Netflix. People watch shows that they like on that platform. They get exposed into different shows. In the future, the viewers would say ‘I don’t want just some show anymore. If I watch a local show, it should be very different.’”